How Partnerships are innovating Wellness

At Premier Fitness, we understand the transformative power of wellness and its impact on modern lifestyles. That’s why we’re excited to share the news of Canyon Ranch’s recent $150 million investment for their integrative wellness offerings. As a company dedicated to enhancing fitness, health, and wellness amenities, we recognize the significance of such partnerships in shaping the future of wellness experiences.


Expanding Horizons with Integrative Wellness

Canyon Ranch’s strategic “growth partnership” with VICI Properties exemplifies the potential for expanding integrative wellness beyond traditional boundaries. This partnership isn’t just about financial investment; it’s about creating an ecosystem that fosters wellness in diverse settings.


Setting the Stage for Unprecedented Experiences

Canyon Ranch’s upcoming locations in Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin demonstrate their commitment to providing unique wellness experiences. Much like Premier Fitness, their wellness clubs will feature fitness zones, spa facilities, lounges, co-working spaces, and engaging events, all designed to nurture holistic well-being.


Canyon Ranch

Designing Wellness with Purpose

The upcoming Austin location, situated on a scenic country ranch by Lake Travis and crafted by Lake/Flato Architects, exemplifies the importance of thoughtful interior design in fostering wellness environments. At Premier Fitness, we share this commitment to creating spaces that inspire healthier lives.


Cultivating Digital Wellness Frontiers

In today’s digital age, Canyon Ranch’s focus on expanding digital capabilities aligns with our approach. Just as they’re broadening their reach, we provide comprehensive services, including fitness amenity installation, maintenance, repairs, and interior design, all designed to meet clients’ unique wellness needs.


A Shared Vision for Wellness

As Jeff Kuster, CEO of Canyon Ranch, aptly states, “With VICI’s support, we can broaden and deepen Canyon Ranch’s geographical and digital offerings and support more people than ever before.”

This sentiment resonates with Premier Fitness’ mission to enhance well-being through our services.


A Bright Future for Wellness

As the global wellness tourism market continues to flourish, driven by trends such as relaxation-focused vacations, we stand at the forefront of delivering fitness and wellness solutions. We’re committed to supporting the growth of wellness and contributing to a healthier world.


In Conclusion

At Premier Fitness, we’re excited to witness the impact of partnerships like Canyon Ranch’s on the world of wellness. As we provide services spanning fitness amenity installation, maintenance, repairs, and interior design, we’re dedicated to aligning with the evolving needs of our clients. Join us in shaping a healthier future through innovation, collaboration, and a shared passion for wellness.


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