Echelon Expands into Recovery with ThriveX Acquisition

In a strategic move to enhance its fitness offerings, Echelon has acquired ThriveX, a leading name in advanced recovery technology. This acquisition aligns with Echelon’s vision to provide a comprehensive fitness experience that includes not only exercise but also essential recovery solutions.

Quote from Ashley Hurley, CEO of Premier Fitness:

“Premier Fitness is thrilled to see Echelon prioritize recovery alongside fitness. Their acquisition of ThriveX complements the comprehensive fitness solutions we offer at Premier Fitness. We are a proud distributor of Echelon equipment, and together, we can provide our customers with everything they need to achieve their fitness goals.”

Key Highlights:

  • ThriveX’s Advanced Recovery Solutions:
    • ThriveX is known for its cutting-edge recovery tools including cold immersion therapy systems, smart hybrid saunas, and compression boots.
    • The brand has quickly gained traction, being nominated for Beyond Activ’s Startup of the Year and serving as the official recovery sponsor for events like Hyrox and Spartan Race.
  • Global Reach and Expansion:
    • Founded in Singapore, ThriveX has seen rapid growth, with significant sales and expansion into markets like the U.S., UAE, India, Thailand, and Russia.
    • This acquisition positions Echelon to leverage ThriveX’s global presence and innovative technology to enhance its fitness ecosystem.
  • Industry-Wide Emphasis on Recovery:
    • The focus on recovery is becoming mainstream, with fitness brands of all sizes investing in this space.
    • Notable brands like F45 and Blink Fitness are incorporating recovery technologies into their services, highlighting the growing importance of recovery in fitness routines.

Connection to Premier Fitness

As a distributor of Echelon equipment, Premier Fitness is a one-stop shop for all your fitness and recovery needs. We understand that creating a top-tier fitness space goes beyond just the equipment. Like Echelon, we believe that preventative maintenance and recovery are essential to a complete fitness experience.

Echelon’s integration of ThriveX underscores the vital role of recovery in fitness. At Premier Fitness, we are here to support your journey in building a holistic fitness environment. For more information on how Premier Fitness can enhance your fitness space, visit our website or contact us today.

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