Echelon Reflect Exposed: A Glimpse into Advancement

Introducing Echelon Reflect, a groundbreaking smart workout mirror from Echelon Fitness, known for its diverse fitness equipment lineup. The Reflect offers two options: a 40-inch non-touchscreen version and a 50-inch with a 32-inch touchscreen, known as Reflect Touch. Our focus centers on the latter.


Beyond the Surface: The Deeper Aspects of Reflect


The Reflect transcends mere reflection—it’s a gateway to live fitness classes and on-demand workouts. Yet, it encompasses more than meets the eye. Creating an effective fitness mirror requires a holistic approach, aligning with our dedication to superior fitness solutions.


Navigating Reflect: Insights from Our Experience


Installation Tip: Prepare for a 52-pound mirror setup, ideally with two individuals.

Audio Solution: Set up separate audio for third-party music streaming.

Flexible Placement: Opt for an 8-inch-by-8-inch VESA stand for non-wall mounting.


Fitness in Harmony with Lifestyle: A Tailored Approach


While Echelon Reflect suits existing Echelon United users seeking integrated fitness streaming, its execution lags behind competitors in functionality and value. Reflect mirrors the concept of the original smart workout mirror, the MIRROR, yet with limitations.


Praising Reflect’s Workouts: A Positive Element


Reflect shines through its workout content. Despite personal preferences, Reflect’s workouts stand out. Although production quality affects the experience, Echelon’s workouts show promise.


Experience Echelon Reflect with Premier Fitness


At Premier Fitness, we merge innovation and fitness aspirations. While Echelon Reflect offers distinct features, our commitment lies in personalized fitness amenities. Explore options, embrace innovation, and embark on a fitness journey tailored to your goals. Get yours now!

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