Are all product brands acceptable for use in a commercial facility?

No, there are many brands that altogether should be avoided but are extremely accessible and prominent in the market. Premier equipment specialists will help you avoid these products.

How often should I receive maintenance service on my equipment?

Frequency of service depends on how much use your equipment receives. Common intervals are monthly, quarterly and Bi-annually. Contact us and we’ll help you determine the appropriate frequency for your facility.

If my equipment is under warranty, does it still require maintenance?

Yes, much like a car that has a 100k mile warranty still requires maintenance, fitness equipment needs regular lubrication and adjustment to ensure optimal & safe operation for which warranty terms do not ensure.

Is preventive maintenance service essential on equipment?

Yes, maintenance is required regularly on all cardio & strength equipment. Much like getting an oil change, tire rotation or air filter replacement on your car, regular service is needed in order to avoid premature failure, unnecessary repair costs and safety issues.

Is the cheapest equipment the best purchase to make?

This is very rarely the case. In fact, the cheaper equipment options often represents the most expensive overall option. This is realized in the excessive defect of the equipment, added repair costs and the need for premature equipment replacement. Our specialists will help you stay away from these costly scenarios by providing only the highest quality options for your facilities consideration.

Is the quality of all commercial fitness equipment the same?

No, there is often a vast difference of quality standards from manufacturer to manufacturer. This is why it remains important to compare the specifications of equipment and ensure that the manufacturer has a track record of quality.

What should I look for when purchasing equipment?

A solid manufacturer track record of quality performance, strong product specifications and a price point that is comparable to the former.