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Discover the trend of wellness clubs and exclusive members-only communities reshaping health-focused spaces. Hume, a forthcoming wellness club and members-only community located in the heart of Venice Beach, is leading this movement.

Hume curates a “bathhouse-like” ambiance, offering nutritional services, fitness classes, recovery tools, and more. Founders Roger Briggs and Sandy Bole emphasize fostering a sense of community and connection.


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Setting a New Standard

Prioritize health and wellness within social contexts, mirroring wellness clubs like Hume. Elevate your property’s status by collaborating with Premier Fitness to establish novel benchmarks for amenities, targeting the desire for exclusive wellness spaces:

  • Utilize Premier Fitness’ expertise to shape an environment that mirrors shifting consumer preferences, augmenting property value and drawing health-conscious individuals.
  • Uncover the potential of wellness-centric amenities for your property, crafting a luxurious fitness sanctuary in line with contemporary trends.
  • Premier Fitness offers comprehensive services, encompassing installation, maintenance, and interior design, to facilitate the creation of a distinctive fitness haven resonating with your community.

Join the Movement

As wellness clubs gain popularity, harness wellness to drive leads and create a thriving community that embraces balanced living. Membership applications for Hume open soon, with the club’s official launch in early 2024.  Partner with Premier Fitness to create an inviting wellness space that stands out in a competitive market! Enhance Your Property’s Appeal


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