Discovering the Wellness Revolution: Affluent Americans Invest $200 Billion in Well-Being, Nurturing Nutrition, and Serenity

At Premier Fitness, we understand the inherent link between prosperity and individual well-being. Recent findings highlight that affluent Americans invested over $200 billion in self-care and wellness in the previous year. Sourced from Ipsos Affluent Intelligence’s Spring 2023 IAS Survey and Q2 – 2023 Barometer study, these statistics emphasize the importance of achieving a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.


Fitness and Wellness: A High-Flier’s Choice


High earners perceive success beyond finances—it encompasses vitality. Their investments in gym memberships and personal trainers reflect this commitment, while Premier Fitness aligns with this ethos, offering services from installation to maintenance, creating fitness sanctuaries.


Thriving on a Deeper Level


For affluent Americans, health and wellness are integral. Nearly two-thirds of affluent individuals consider themselves extremely healthy—a stark contrast to non-affluents. Premier Fitness contributes to this journey by crafting environments that support well-being.


Cultivating Nourishment, Averting Stress


  • Despite busy lives, 71% of affluent Americans engage in exercise regularly.
  • High earners prioritize nutrition, with 68% opting for wholesome diets. 
  • Wellness trends resonate with over half of affluent respondents.
  • Stress management finds favor among high earners, with 38% practicing meditation and yoga.  


Premier Fitness envisions environments that seamlessly integrate into dynamic routines. 


A Wholesome Takeaway


At Premier Fitness, we weave these insights into fitness spaces that seamlessly blend opulence and well-being, enriching lives through health and affluence. Join us in sculpting a life where health and opulence converge.

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