Introducing the Echelon Strength Pro: Redefining Connected Fitness Equipment

 Premier Fitness is excited to introduce Echelon’s groundbreaking addition to their lineup – the Echelon Strength Pro. As industry giants shift their focus, Echelon stands strong, offering a state-of-the-art connected strength machine that redefines fitness.




Revolutionizing Workouts: The Echelon Strength Pro Designed for both commercial and home gyms, the Echelon Strength Pro seamlessly integrates live and on-demand instruction through the Echelon Fitness app.


Key Features:

  1. Immersive Interactive Touchscreen: Experience a 24-inch HD embedded touchscreen that enhances your fitness journey with dynamic programming and intuitive navigation.
  2. Versatile Resistance and Adjustability: Benefit from digital resistance and multi-plane adjustability for tailored workouts that match your fitness goals.
  3. Guided Workouts: Access guided programming to maximize your workout potential, ensuring effective and engaging sessions.
  4. Interchangeable Accessories: Enjoy flexibility with four interchangeable accessories, including handle grips, straight bar, rope grips, and ankle straps.




Future of Fitness:

Leading the Way Echelon’s Founder and CEO, Lou Lentine, shares his vision for the Strength Pro as an accessible fitness solution that transcends traditional training methods. With thousands of hours of research and development, Echelon stands by the excellence of the Strength Pro.

Transforming the Industry Landscape Amidst a changing fitness landscape, Echelon remains committed to delivering top-tier fitness hardware. While competitors shift towards content, Echelon’s focus on innovation brings forth the Strength Pro – a powerful fitness companion.


Echelon Strength Pro:

Your Ideal Fitness Partner With multiple resistance modes, customizable workouts, and a seamless membership experience, the Strength Pro empowers you to choose the workout style that suits you best. From freestyle sessions to guided workouts, the Strength Pro caters to your preferences.

Embrace Innovation with Premier Fitness At Premier Fitness, innovation is our cornerstone. Just as Echelon continues to revolutionize the fitness world, we too offer the finest in fitness solutions. Explore our range of Echelon equipment, including the Strength Pro, to elevate your fitness journey.

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