Premier Fitness Highlights Industry Need for Digital Transformation

Premier Fitness is committed to driving digital transformation in the fitness industry. As a leading provider of fitness services, including preventative maintenance, repair, installations, equipment supply, and CAD design services for fitness spaces, we understand the importance of embracing digital technology to enhance the member experience and improve overall club performance.

EGYM, a global fitness tech company, recently released a white paper shedding light on the state of digitalization in the fitness industry.

Digitalization Breakdown – Five Stages of the Member Experience:


  • Most respondents have embraced digital marketing through websites, social media, and digital ads.

  • However, 20% still rely on traditional methods like direct mail and flyers.

Member Acquisition:

  • A surprising 63% of gyms have made limited or no investment in digitalizing member acquisition.

  • Only a quarter of fitness gyms allow members to manage their entire membership online.

Member Onboarding:

  • EGYM’s findings reveal that 42% of facilities still rely on manual onboarding for new members.

  • Few clubs offer mobile apps or in-gym assessment tools for configuring equipment.

The Workout Experience:

  • A significant 40% of respondents have made minimal investments in digitalizing the workout experience.

  • Only 39% offer connected equipment for tracking performance via an app.

  • 21% provide a complete digital workout experience with integrated hardware, software, and services.

Visualization of Workout Success:

  • Only 28% of respondents have fully automated goal tracking for members.

  • Approximately 36% sync workout data from connected fitness equipment to a mobile app.


Premier Fitness is committed to helping fitness clubs bridge the digital gap in the industry. Our comprehensive range of services includes equipment supply, preventative maintenance, repair, installations, and CAD design – all geared towards enhancing member experiences and club performance through technology adoption.

Embrace technology with Premier Fitness and stay ahead of the curve in providing exceptional fitness experiences for your members. Let’s get started!

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