A Smart Strategy with Club OS

At Premier Fitness, we understand that gyms often focus on gaining new members, but we also recognize the potential in bringing back those who’ve canceled their memberships. That’s why we’re excited to share how Club OS, a leading sales engagement and marketing automation software provider, can help gyms like ours maximize revenue by reengaging with former members.

Automated Campaigns for Success

Club OS offers gyms the power to create automated email and text message campaigns, allowing us to reach out to our pool of former members. We can customize these campaigns based on factors like age, gender, fitness preferences, and more.

“With Club OS, gyms can create automated email and text message campaigns to bring former members back into the fold,” says [Nick Hahn, VP/Product & Development at Club OS].

Small Efforts, Big Returns

While we may not win back every canceled member, even a small percentage can translate into significant revenue gains. This is particularly valuable for larger gyms with a substantial member base.

“We see customers who quickly put together a multi-touchpoint campaign and see a 1% win-back, which is actually high when thinking about the low effort of sending automated emails and text messages,” adds Nick Hahn. “There’s no sales staff involvement, so the ROI is usually tremendous.”

Effective Member Win-Back Strategies

Nick Hahn shares some valuable insights on how gyms can stage effective member win-back campaigns:

1. Give Canceled Members Space: Resist the urge to communicate immediately after a cancellation. Allow a 60-90 day quiet period before initiating the win-back process.

2. Focus on New Features, Not Price: Emphasize equipment, service, and facility updates over discounts. Highlight investments in improvements, no matter how small, and get creative with communicating changes to former members.

3. Be Strategic About Text & Email: Understand your member demographics and use the appropriate communication method. While texts tend to perform better, they should be used sparingly and feel personalized.

4. Survey and Address Preferences: Consider surveying current and former members to address specific pain points and communicate changes effectively.

At Premier Fitness, we believe that making client win-backs a part of our acquisition and retention strategy can be incredibly rewarding. As Nick Hahn wisely notes, “Sometimes, it can be much easier to ask for a second chance. Those members loved you for a reason; you’ve just got to find what made them tick.” Let’s get started!

Original article: https://athletechnews.com/how-gyms-can-win-back-old-members-with-club-os/

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