Leveraging In-App Chat for Gym Member Retention

In the realm of fitness businesses, fostering strong connections with our members is paramount. As a dedicated provider of comprehensive fitness solutions, encompassing preventative maintenance, repairs, installations, equipment supply, and CAD design services for fitness spaces, our commitment lies in continuously seeking innovative tools to elevate our members’ experiences. In this article, we’ll explore the profound influence of in-app chat and its transformative potential for fitness enterprises like ours.

What is In-App Chat? In late 2022, Wodify introduced In-App Chat, a feature akin to popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage but seamlessly integrated into the Wodify App. This feature empowers fitness business owners and members to communicate directly within Wodify, streamlining fitness-related conversations and fostering authentic relationships.

The Data Uncovered: Let’s dive straight into the data and explore how In-App Chat can benefit your fitness business


Who’s Using In-App Chat and Why It Matters According to Wodify Data:

  • The top 50 In-App Chat users have more members than those who don’t use it, indicating enhanced communication capabilities.
  • These top users also boast a higher monthly transaction volume, showcasing its impact on revenue.

In-App Chat Results: Attendance & Retention

  • Members engaged via In-App Chat attend the gym more frequently, with a median of 105 attendances compared to 20 for non-messaged members.
  • In-App Chat users also enjoy longer engagement, averaging 285 active days versus 158 for non-users.
Image: pexels.com

These statistics underscore the pivotal role In-App Chat plays in strengthening member relationships and, consequently, increasing satisfaction and revenue.

Here’s why In-App Chat matters:

Informal Communication is Key In an age of information overload, In-App Chat offers a more casual and accessible way to communicate with members. It resonates with the modern fitness enthusiast who prefers quick, informal messaging over email.

Deliver a Premium Experience Today’s fitness enthusiasts expect tech-savvy solutions. Premier Fitness can meet these expectations by using In-App Chat and our cutting-edge Kiosk, a customizable digital display that elevates the in-gym experience.


At Premier Fitness, we’re committed to enhancing your fitness business. In-App Chat is just one of the many tools that align with our mission to provide top-tier services to our clients. As we continue to explore data-driven insights, we invite you to stay tuned for more posts in this series. Connect with us now to learn more!

Original article: https://athletechnews.com/why-gyms-should-use-in-app-chat-to-retain-members-wodify/

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