Maximize your Fitness Amenity to Boost Loyalty and Retention

Loyalty and Retention

A fitness center in a multi-family property is a great value-add amenity that can help improve your property’s value, attract new residents and retain current customers. In fact, more and more people are basing their decisions on the quality and availability of such amenities when renting apartments.

Everyone knows they need to get in shape. In a recent survey, 46% of respondents said they would pay more per month to live in a facility that included elevated fitness facilities. The main problem is that the majority of residential properties do not provide the amenities that people need. Renters today, millennials and even baby boomers, want to be catered to exponentially. They want their gym to be more than just functional; they want it to be engaging.  In the immediate satisfaction world of today, you are going to be hard-pressed to find people that will religiously go to the treadmill on their own.

There are tactics you can undertake to inexpensively “juice up” your facility to attract and retain higher-paying residents. The first of course is to create a fitness space if you don’t have one yet. Equip the gym with the right quantities and mix of equipment, and ensure customers have enough space to work out.


Creative ways to make your gym and recreational space more profitable.


Specialized Equipment

Why not invest in a piece of equipment that will allow your residents to do some form of high-intensity training (HIIT)? With Echelon Reflect Touch Mirror installed, they just have to tap the embedded touchscreen to access thousands of on-demand classes and daily live workouts led by professional instructors. It has more than 2,000 studio-quality fitness classes including HIIT, Core, Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, and more! It has live and on-demand studio fitness from the comfort and safety of your facility. Your tenants can get fit and have fun with the supportive and energizing Echelon community and inspire each other to climb the Leaderboard! Using such a system will engage clients, and get them hooked on your amenity!


Make an Outdoor Exercise Space

Depending on your climate and the season, it can be fun to change up your setting and get your workout in the fresh air. There is also specially-designed outdoor fitness equipment and even aquatics fitness equipment (bikes and treadmills) that can be placed in your commercial pool! If your facility has walking paths or other outdoor spaces for people to enjoy; make sure to keep them groomed and clean, and consider having some equipment installed on such walking paths. If your walking area is large, you could do fun things with residents like a scavenger hunt, or organize games of kick the can. Anything that gets people out and enjoying the fresh air will keep your residents coming back for more.


Digital Wellness Platform (Virtual Fit QR Code)

The Premier Virtual Fitness Guide is a free all-inclusive fitness platform for your fitness center. The guide provides tools for how to use the equipment, exercise guides, and a complete wellness guide to assist you in your life in and outside of the gym. It is a free fitness platform for every fitness space that includes how-to-use-the-equipment instructions, exercise guides, and a complete wellness guide for fitness users by just simply scanning the code!


Adding experiential details to your fitness amenities will get people in and keep them coming back for more. This is what creates strong customer loyalty– a loyalty that leads to resident retention. Our team here at Premier Fitness Service are fitness experts and certainly here, ready and passionate about setting up your most important asset to maximize the value of your fitness amenity!



Written by: Joy Rosales

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