3 Factors NOT to do when Renovating a Fitness Facility

Like the office, classroom and movie theater, the fitness center has come home.

Like the office, classroom, and movie theater, the fitness facility has come home. Apartment and hotel gyms have been increasing in popularity for several years. As health precautions have pushed us out of many public spaces, home-based fitness has become an even more critical part of staying healthy and practicing self-care.

If you run a fitness center, you will understand the importance of having a place that is welcoming to visitors. If members don’t feel comfortable in your gym, they will go elsewhere – and these days, there are plenty of other gym options.

Here is a list of things not to do when considering renovating your fitness space.

Do NOT get MARRIED to a specific brand – Normally facility owners would consider having XYZ brand for their gym equipment. The brand is not the optimal starting place with the equipment that we select. We need to understand the facility, how exactly the space is going to be used, and the value that the specific products are going to deliver to your users. What specific value that the products are going to deliver? Understanding your community and the demographic that it serves, – the fitness users that are going to be actually utilizing the equipment. What they need, who they are, and how the space is going to perform there’s a variety of considerations to make not only with the equipment brand.

Do NOT listen to DAN (the board member) – We get it, Dan’s great but Dan should not be a part of the discussion about fitness space renovation. Going back to point number one, a facility renovation is based on understanding the demographic of your space and its value. Your fitness center is a business asset. It takes up oftentimes a significant footprint in the community that could be otherwise used for a different space that could even draw in revenue. Fitness space exists for a very specific reason, and that reason has a value that needs to come out, and Dan isn’t quite connecting with the value. Dan is likely presenting his own biases about the things that he enjoys and neglecting the 99% of other people who use the space, which is paying customers that will return value to your facility, and the community as a whole. So don’t listen to Dan, listen to Fitness Experts who understand your space and exactly what’s going to deliver that value.

Do NOT ignore its purpose – We need to understand something very specific before approving the renovation. We have to understand why your fitness facility exists and dissect why our community has a fitness center, to begin with. It is not simply to do something nice for your clients, your fitness center is there to draw in traffic to drive new leads and then those leads into clients.  This amenity is so valuable to folks that it’s designed to actually bring people into your business and help promote your business.

That’s the reason why your community has a fitness center and we need to leverage that in this project. You’re spending a tremendous amount of capital, and we need to ensure that the investment that you’re putting into this project is well served with the value that your fitness is designed to provide.


What to do?

We can’t afford to approve fitness facility renovation without knowing what do to next. The installation is done, all the equipment is in place, and it looks beautiful now, but the real value of this project either comes out and is found in what we do next, or that value is lost because we don’t have a plan. The plan includes the proper incorporation of your brand-new fully outfitted fitness facility with your marketing materials to communicate to potential clients the value of the space. To draw them in and to come and sell the experience, and what they’re likely to encounter at your facility. Your fitness center connects with your client emotionally and connecting them to your community is one of the most powerful things you can do especially when you’re renovating your fitness space.

Premier Fitness Service would love to speak with you about the renovation of your most important asset. Contact your friends here at Premier Fitness Service, our experts are waiting to speak with you and would love to support you.

Written by: Joy Rosales.

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