Introducing LFX: Elevating Functional Training at Premier Fitness

Empowering Gyms with Cutting-Edge Functional Training Solutions

The fitness landscape is evolving, and so are the expectations of gym enthusiasts. At Premier Fitness Services, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve to provide our clients with top-notch fitness experiences. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the latest game-changer in the fitness industry – LFX by Life Fitness.

The Functional Training Revolution

Functional training has taken the fitness world by storm, with gym-goers craving workouts that encompass barbell training, bodyweight exercises, and full-body movements. This shift in fitness preferences has led to a demand for innovative spaces that cater to these modalities, requiring gyms and facilities to rethink their fitness floor designs.

Life Fitness Unveils LFX

Life Fitness, a leading name in fitness equipment manufacturing, has unveiled LFX, a revolutionary functional training experience designed to provide gyms with a comprehensive solution. LFX merges cutting-edge equipment with programming, education, and digital experiences, offering facilities the best of both worlds.

Leigh Wierichs, Global Training and Education Manager at Life Fitness, states: “LFX was born as a way to help facilities create these spaces, and then actually program the spaces to bring them to life for their members.”

Tailored Solutions for Every Gym

LFX offers seven pre-designed equipment packages, featuring a mix of Life Fitness and Hammer Strength functional training equipment. Whether you choose the “Motivate” package with its wall-based storage system and various accessories or opt for the “Compete” package with barbell training stations and cardio equipment, LFX is tailored to your gym’s unique needs and space constraints.

A Solution Beyond Equipment

LFX isn’t just about equipment; it’s a holistic approach to functional training. Life Fitness provides 36 carefully crafted workouts that can be used in conjunction with LFX buildouts. “Education Days” are also offered to empower gym instructors to conduct group or personal training sessions using LFX equipment.

Digital Integration with Myzone

Life Fitness has partnered with Myzone to incorporate the MZ-Instruct platform into LFX. This technology allows members in group training classes to follow their instructor’s movements on a TV screen, ensuring correct exercise form. Additionally, heart rate data is displayed in real-time, enhancing the overall workout experience.

A Team Circuit Approach

LFX group training classes embrace a “team circuit” approach, fostering camaraderie among participants. Small teams perform the same movements, motivating each other throughout the session. This approach combines the best aspects of traditional group training with the variety of circuit training.

Image: Life Fitness

Creating Engaging Fitness Communities

Post-pandemic, gyms are witnessing a resurgence, driven by two key factors: access to diverse functional training equipment and a sense of community. Leigh Wierichs asserts, “We believe LFX is a ready-made, easy-to-implement solution that can essentially tick all the boxes of what exercisers want and ultimately, what’s driving them to come back to facilities.”

Transform Your Fitness Space with LFX

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Life Fitness! To take your functional training space from vision to reality, visit the Life Fitness website. Elevate your gym’s offerings with Premier Fitness Services and LFX – where innovation meets fitness. Connect with us to learn more!

Together with Premier and Life Fitness, we’re building a stronger, healthier community!

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