Top 5 reasons why electro-static spraying is most efficient

Top 5 reasons why electro-static spraying is most efficient - Premier Fitness Service

Electrostatic disinfection uses a specialized sprayer to ensure the most complete disinfecting coverage possible. Electrostatic sprayers take the disinfectant solution inside of them and combine them with air, then use an electrode inside the sprayer nozzle to give them an electric charge. Once charged, the disinfectant is sprayed onto surfaces. The positively charged disinfectant bonds with any negatively charged surface. This creates a more even and complete coat of disinfectant, helping to kill any pathogens on the surface.

Top 5 reasons why electro-static spraying is most efficient way of sanitation –

  1. Less time and effort for greater disinfectant coverage of large areas
  2. Thorough disinfecting of places that are hard to reach (or impossible) with other methods
  3. Controlling and preventing of the spread of viruses like influenza, HIV, MRSA, COVID-19, and others (when an appropriate disinfectant is used)
  4. Tighter control over where the spray goes means less waste and less chance of overusing your disinfectant
  5. The even layer of spray disinfects and dries without needing to be wiped off, which means your cleaning team can disinfect surfaces without ever having to touch them

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

The electrostatic sprayer itself doesn’t disinfect all on its own. It has to be filled with a disinfectant. But once you do that, it can help the spray reach places it could never reach on its own. The positive charge causes the spray to strongly adhere to any surface its sprayed on, ensuring a thorough coat. Electrostatic sprayers are far more efficient than a spray bottle or a cloth when applied by a professional. And the coverage that they provide is much less prone to human error than other methods. Because of the way the spray wraps around and coats surfaces, it’s possible to disinfect areas that no other method can reach.

Is Electrostatic Cleaning Effective?

Electrostatic sprayer cleaning is very effective, as long as an appropriate disinfectant is used with it. There’s no other cleaning method that can coat surfaces so evenly or so completely. Because the disinfectant is ionically charged and sticks to the target, less disinfectant is wasted. With a typical spray bottle, you lose a lot of disinfectant to waste. Spray drifts from the target and settles in places that aren’t helpful. Electrostatic cleaning means you’re never paying to spray the air.

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An electrostatic sprayer can completely cover even the most hard-to-reach nooks and crannies with disinfectant. It can fully disinfect a shared terminal keyboard in a high-traffic area. It can catch bacterial colonies that may be hiding in the curves of a walker or a wheelchair. It can also spray larger surface areas, secure in knowing that the electrostatic spray will provide wide, complete coverage. And not only can it achieve greater coverage, but it can do so in less time, saving effort and money even as it gets better results.

Electrostatic spray technology makes the cleaning process smoother in a lot of ways. Some of these are just matters of convenience, but others can make your cleaning process safer and more comprehensive. And of course, you get all of the protection that comes with disinfecting in general:

  • Decreased risk of liability because someone got sick at your place of business
  • Decreased risk of workplace illness creating service disruptions
  • Increased trust from customers, who know that you care enough to invest in their well-being
  • Increased trust from employees who see you looking out for them

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