10 Tips for Reopening your Fitness Center

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With great anticipation, your customers have been awaiting their return to your fitness center.  As a result you have an incredible opportunity to WOW, excite or simply show appreciation for your client by enhancing this space.  Optimizing exercise environments can be as simple as relocating equipment or as significant as adding new products.  Contact Premier for advice on you can elevate the presentation of any fitness space.


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Here is 14 great tips to Enhance your Amenity

  • Optimizing Exercise Stations
  • Relocating Equipment
  • Incorporating Wall-Art
  • Adding New Equipment
  • Cleaning or Replacing flooring
  • Updating Daily Inspections
  • Improved Sanitation Protocol
  • Facility Feel & Flow
  • Evaluating Aesthetic Presentation
  • Ensuring Complete Functionality 
  • Improving Access & Mobility 
  • Expert Management
  • Advanced Functionality 
  • Safe Use & Operation 

Fitness centers are statistically the dirtiest environments in the world, with many high-touch surfaces containing 360 times more germs, per square inch, than a toilet seat!While many gyms rely on fitness users to maintain cleanliness between staff cleanings, 46% of users admit to not cleaning equipment before or after use.This causes surfaces to be left exposed to harmful bacteria that can survive for up to 3 days! With this in mind, the experts at Premier Fitness Service have leveraged experience in the management of these spaces to develop the most powerful and safe sanitation solutions ever created.

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