PuriXtend Hand Sanitizer

PuriXtend Hand Sanitizer - Premier Fitness Service

PuriXtend hand sanitizer is the first sanitizer of it’s kind to provide lasting protection to hands against germs, viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens! One moisturizing application of PuriXtend hand sanitizer provides at least 4 hours of continued protection to hands. PuriXtend provides skin with an antimicrobial barrier that utilizes advanced technology which actively and continuously reduces pathogen colonization. This natural
barrier administers a physical kill which eliminates germs rather than a chemical poisoning. Unlike traditional alcohol-based sanitizers which only work while wet

PuriXtend Hand Sanitizer kills germs immediately and continues to work long thereafter.
PuriXtend bonds to your skin, creating a defensive made up of billions of micro-pins that destroy harmful cells for up to 24 hours. As a result PuriXtend provides continuous antimicrobial protection all day with a single application. When you compare products that
work for minutes to the superior support of all day protection, it;s clear that PuriXtend is
the most convenient, safe & cost effective solution available.