What The Post Covid-19 Consumer Expects

What The Post Covid-19 Consumer Expects - Premier Fitness Service


Since its first detection in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the world has been in a panic over the Coronavirus. This virus has brought the world, namely its economy and its social structure, to a standstill. As we combat the Coronavirus, we are also assessing all risks and gaining knowledge of how to better respond proactively to any future problems that may arise. This begs a lot of questions, and for the leaders in the fitness industry, the number one question that needs a concrete response is:

What are clients expecting of us in a post COVID-19 world?

No matter the size, shape, or location of your fitness amenity, there are certain expectations of the returning fitness consumer market that must be clearly addressed by your business. Yes, the fitness consumer is eager to get back to the gym after being quarantined for months. However, they will not be a regular client of your facility unless you provide them the assurance they are safe. In order for your amenity to work in a post COVID-19 world, you must integrate a multi-faceted sanitation protocol into your workflow and business ethos. These three facets are the key to assuring your clients they can work out in a healthy and safe environment.

●    Safety – Have you taken all necessary steps to secure your clients’ future health and welfare at your facility during their absence

●     Dependability – Are you regularly following all steps necessary to create and maintain a clean and healthy fitness environment? 

●   Communication – Are you communicating all necessary information and assurances to your clients so they may work out in a healthy fitness setting in calm and comfort?


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Clients need to know you’re thinking of them, and nothing is more effective than being proactive in their interest and care. Now that the timing is perfect, publicize the fact that your fitness amenity is preparing for re-opening by integrating COVID-19 sanitation protocols. Using a high-tech device, like the Premier90X Electro-Static Sprayer, and publicizing it shows your fitness clients that they have a home to come back to, safe and sound.

Show your clients that you are using:

●   The right procedures to protect their health

●   The latest equipment designed to combat Covid-19

●   The latest cleaning products, including hand sanitizer / dispensers, disinfecting wipes, antimicrobial finishes, and disinfectant

By using these products and equipment before your facility re-opens, and publicizing your commitment to making sure everything is ready for your clients’ return, you are building anticipation within your target fitness market to choose your facility. This shows them that you care about their health and well-being while using your fitness amenity, as well as appreciating their business and loyalty. Doesn’t sound like a good way to reignite your business?


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Using high tech equipment and exceptional products to relaunch your fitness amenity is a smart move. This generates the anticipation necessary to ensure a successful relaunch of your business. So, where do you go from here to retain these clients?

The post COVID-19 world is not one and done. The fitness industry will not be going back to reality, but will in fact, deal with the new reality. A new reality of a post COVID-19 world involves more strict, expansive sanitation protocols that must be in place and completed on a regular schedule, in order for your clients to feel assurance of their safety.

Here are a few ways to implement protocol:

●   Show the cleaning schedule on the website and the fitness center activity board.

●   Have designated staff demonstrate cleaning equipment or facilities (restrooms, retail spaces, business areas) during off-peak hours, while in view of clients. 

●   Have staff do spot checks throughout the day.

●   Publicly announce your expectation of cleanliness from your clients. This includes signage (i.e. “Please use, then immediately dispose of the disinfecting wipes.”), etiquette correction, newsletters, cleanliness stickers, etc.

●   Utilize social media to announce and reinforce understanding of the protocols and resources you have in place.

●   Inspect all areas regularly prior to opening, and post notes to the nightly cleaning crew of any deficiencies.



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Throughout this article you have heard us use terms such as publicize, signage, demonstrate, and so on. What this boils down to is, communication. Communication is the final key component to meeting your clients’ expectations when it comes to dealing with COVID-19, and other viruses. The right communication builds anticipation, settles ignorance-based fear, and presents opportunities for your business to succeed. Below are some ways you can use proper communication with your clients.

●    Issue new signature-required policies regarding gym etiquette. Everyone should know the new rules, and that you’re doing something on their behalf. 

●   Distribute a newsletter list of the best health practices that members can adopt to keep themselves and fellow members safe. Ideally, this strategy should be sent prior to your fitness center reopening.

●   New signage should point out new rules, where resources are, and that your staff is there to help.

●   Include videos of cleaning and sanitizing sessions in action on social media.

●   Publicize any and all certifications your facility has in terms of cleanliness.

●   Utilize feedback to determine what clients are responding to.  


This is just the communication between your fitness center and your clients. There is also crucial communication that must take place between management and staff regarding the new responsibilities for safeguarding the health of your clients:


●    Team meetings should discuss new protocols and responsibilities with signature-required memos of record.

●   Inspect communication between teams so the consistency of sanitation is maintained.

●   Feedback received from clients on the new protocols – what works, what doesn’t, and what could be better.


By taking action to safeguard your clients now, continuing health-conscious protocol of regular disinfection, and communicating with all, your business can welcome back and retain clients in a post COVID-19 world.

It is the business ethos of today and tomorrow.