Survey Indicates a Strong Preference for Outdoor Gym Workouts

Embracing Fitness Freedom: Premier Fitness Supports Your Workout Choices

Empowering Your Fitness Journey

At Premier Fitness, we understand that the definition of a fitness space has transformed. A recent survey conducted by, an online resource for calisthenics and bodyweight fitness, sheds light on evolving workout preferences. While 47.4 percent still opt for gyms, a majority (52.6 percent) favor alternative workout environments, primarily at home (37.9 percent) or outdoors (14.7 percent). These insights reflect a broader trend observed post-pandemic: a shift towards private, accessible fitness experiences.

Unlocking Fitness Possibilities

  • Fitness Beyond Boundaries: The preference for home and outdoor workouts mirrors a societal shift towards privacy and inclusivity. Premier Fitness embraces this change, offering tailored fitness solutions irrespective of the chosen setting.
  • Breaking Barriers: The survey highlights personal barriers to gym workouts, such as financial constraints or fear of judgment. Premier Fitness eliminates these barriers, providing accessible, judgment-free fitness solutions for every individual.

Join the At-Home Revolution

  • Fitness Anywhere, Anytime: Premier Fitness champions versatile fitness experiences. Whether at home, in green spaces, or at traditional gyms, our comprehensive services encompass preventative maintenance, repair, installations, equipment supply, and CAD design. We support your fitness choices, adapting to your preferred workout environment.
  • Embrace Freedom: “The global landscape of health and fitness has been evolving, especially in the post-pandemic context, with an increasing emphasis on at-home workouts,” notes Amine Rahal, CEO, and founder of Premier Fitness echoes this sentiment, empowering you to embrace fitness freedom on your terms.

Explore Your Fitness Journey: Discover the versatility of fitness experiences. Premier Fitness is your dedicated partner, ensuring your fitness goals align seamlessly with your chosen workout environment. Contact us to learn more!

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