Nautilus Revolutionizes Home Fitness with Schwinn 490 Elliptical

At Premier Fitness, we’re committed to providing cutting-edge fitness solutions for your home or commercial spaces. Today, we’re excited to spotlight Nautilus’ latest innovation, the Schwinn 490 Elliptical. This connected fitness machine represents a significant step towards enhancing your home workout experience, aligning perfectly with our Premier Fitness Services, which encompass preventative maintenance, repair, installations, equipment supply, and CAD design services for fitness spaces.

Customer-Centric Design

Nautilus has designed the Schwinn 490 Elliptical with your feedback in mind. It tackles the challenges of space, comfort, control, and affordability, ensuring you get the most out of your fitness routine at home.

Home Workouts Are Here to Stay

Jim Barr, CEO of Nautilus, acknowledges the growing trend of home workouts and believes they are here to stay. He states, “Our research shows most people who exercise do so at home, and home workouts are here to stay.”

Key Features of the Schwinn 490 Elliptical

  • Compact Design: This elliptical boasts a smaller, space-saving footprint, 12 inches smaller than its predecessor, the Schwinn 470.
  • Fingertip Control: Enjoy convenient fingertip control for workout adjustments, including incline settings ranging from a 5 percent decline to a 15 percent incline.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Experience enhanced comfort with ergonomic updates for foot and hand placement, a 20-inch stride, multiple handrail and grip options, and a mounting step.

Integration with JRNY App

The Schwinn 490 Elliptical seamlessly integrates with the JRNY adaptive fitness app, Nautilus’ digital fitness platform. This app offers a plethora of features, including scenic Explore the World routes, trainer-led classes, and personalized workout recommendations. The Terrain Control Technology automatically adjusts resistance during select workouts, enhancing your fitness journey.

Nautilus: Leading the Connected Fitness Revolution

Nautilus is dedicated to the connected fitness revolution, and the Schwinn 490 Elliptical is a testament to their commitment. As they embark on a “total company rebrand,” we can expect even more exciting innovations and products in the connected fitness space.

At Premier Fitness, we applaud Nautilus for their dedication to revolutionizing home fitness. We are equally committed to enhancing your fitness experience through our comprehensive services. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your fitness equipment, optimize your fitness space, or ensure the longevity of your fitness machines, Premier Fitness is your trusted partner on your fitness journey. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your fitness experience.

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