Unveiling the Wellness Oasis: The Equinox Resort Amaala

Image courtesy of Red Sea Global

Premier Fitness proudly showcases The Equinox Resort Amaala, integrating fitness, health, and wellness to enhance property value. The resort’s focus on movement, nutrition, and regeneration sets a remarkable precedent. Experience well-being at The Equinox Resort Amaala, where a magnesium salt rooftop pool and immersive fitness experiences prioritize holistic health. Equinox partners with Red Sea Global, blending year-round wellness with the Red Sea’s beauty. We specialize in crafting fitness amenities that enhance property value through opulence and wellness.


A Global Vision of Wellness

  • Red Sea Global seamlessly combines luxury and wellness at The Equinox Resort Amaala, aligning with Premier Fitness’ commitment to remarkable fitness spaces.
  • The Equinox Resort Amaala’s exquisite design by Foster + Partners stands as a testament to Premier Fitness’ expertise in integrating fitness into luxurious environments.
  • The resort leads with a design powered by renewable energy and a zero-carbon footprint, reflecting our commitment to eco-conscious solutions.

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Equinox’s Vision: Unparalleled Experiences


“Our highly differentiated resort offering will provide guests an unparalleled experience that only a brand like Equinox can deliver.” – Christopher Norton, CEO of Equinox Hotels.

Premier Fitness resonates with this vision by creating fitness amenities embodying luxury, wellness, and sustainability. Experts in fitness amenity installation, maintenance, and more, we transform spaces into wellness havens. Our services transcend borders, crafting fitness spaces aligned with well-being, luxury, and lifestyle values. Just as Equinox signifies a lifestyle, we enhance lives and property value through our fitness spaces.

Christopher Norton’s insight into branded residences reflects our shared philosophy of embodying wellness, luxury, and lifestyle. At Premier Fitness, we’re proud to celebrate The Equinox Resort Amaala as a testament to our mission. Our suite of services empowers property owners to captivate, rejuvenate, and elevate lifestyles.


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