The Future of Commercial Fitness – Sanitation & Social Solutions

The Future of Commercial Fitness - Sanitation & Social Solutions - Premier Fitness Service

As the world reels from the effects of Covid-19, the fitness industry seeks to understand what the future of exercise spaces looks like and how to properly restore user confidence. Here at Premier Fitness Service, our team of commercial fitness experts have been at the forefront of research & designing proper sanitation protocols. With the launch of such products as Premier90X Surface Protection, Premier90X Electro-static Sprayer and our continual 2020 inventory of sanitation wipes; our team continues to lead on the issue of safety and maintaining healthy fitness environments.

As a result, Premier Fitness Service is proud to introduce what’s been identified as the new era of commercial fitness centers. Introducing the new PremierXP Equipment Divider. This barrier is a fantastic solution not only for ensuring the sanitation needs of your guests but is a wonderful way to provide privacy and comfort to your fitness user.

Sanitation & Social Distancing

By partitioning close proximity equipment, concerns regarding the spread and cross-contamination of harmful pathogens via air, sweat and other human contact is greatly reduced. With the physical separation of these exercise spaces this not only allows for expensive equipment to be kept in operation, on the fitness floor, but also allows for a greater volume of users to safely access the fitness facility.

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The Future of Fitness & Social Solution

As the fitness industry continues to recognize these dividers as the new standard for commercial exercise spaces, our professionals have also identified the significant role that these shields now represent as a social solution. Considering that not only have users been disconnect from social fitness environments throughout 2020, but the discomfort many users have always felt within these environments; makes these shields not only an advanced solution for maintaining health and safety but will add a tremendous functional comfort to the user during exercise activities. The proper application of these units, will not only appeal to returning fitness enthusiasts but will encourage the participation of fitness ‘novices’ and increase the overall engagement across all demographics.

Anti-Microbial Surface

In addition to the privacy finish, these shields are also coated with a protective Anti-Microbial layer which ensures the advanced sanitation of the unit for the first 60 days of use and can be easily maintained for 90 day intervals thereafter. This protective layer not only reduces harmful pathogens by eliminating cross-contamination, but it makes future cleaning far easier and maintains the integrity of the finished surface.

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Easy Cleaning & Sanitation

Along with the proper upkeep of the Anti-Microbial surface, these shields are incredibly easy to clean with the application of quick-lock casters. This allows for seamless removal from tight spaces and thorough cleaning which is accomplished within 60 seconds per unit.

Modern & Forward Thinking

The present incorporation of these shields is not only a tremendous opportunity to beat the increasing demand but to speak proactive and advanced consideration of your users health and safety.

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For more information regarding the future of commercial fitness amenities; contact our team of professionals for more information.

Click the following image for your free copy of the PremierXP Reopening Guide.

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