ReOpening Guide

ReOpening Guide - Premier Fitness Service

In early March, Premier Fitness Service quickly reallocated all resources to the development of an Action
Plan with two primary goals; firstly, to help our industry partners quickly recover from the shutdown
and secondly, to enhance the cleaning & disinfecting processes within all of our clients common area
From this initiative, PremierXP Club Protect was born.
PremierXP Club Protect is protocol, and access to products, which are designed in support of amenities,
to expand upon existing health processes and enhance user confidence. The protocol itself is
the Action Plan, while the recommended materials represent The Solutions. By combining the concise
Action Plan with these advanced Solutions, PremierXP Club Protect represents the most comprehensive
reopening guide available.
PremierXP incorporates the collaborative partnership between the most elite industry experts and the
sanitation industries top performers which include; Clorox, Waxie Sanitation Supply and Purell. Under
the guidance of these industry leaders, the proper implementation of the Action Plan and the most
advance disinfecting material available; is met with stellar integration within the PremierXP platform.
In addition to expert collaboration, PremierXP leverages the feedback received from more than 5000+
client locations to understand the exact demands of their facility, staff and the end customer.

The PremierXP Club Protect program is made up of a 8-part reopening protocol that can be seamlessly
performed by in-house staff and includes checklists and materials:
1. Facility Preparation
2. User Notice
3. Action Plan
4. Daily Cleaning
5. Monthly Disinfecting
6. Electrostatic
7. Facility Layout
8. Seal of Sanitation
When properly applied, PremierXP Club Protect will not only ensure the proper health
and safety of your amenity but will endear your clients to your brand by offering elevated
confidence that you’ve taken the necessary measures to keep them safe.


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