JetSet Pilates: Elevating Workouts, Expanding Horizons

JetSet Pilates, a prominent player in South Florida’s boutique fitness scene, is gearing up for global expansion through franchising. The brainchild of CEO Tamara Galinsky, JetSet Pilates has been making waves since its establishment in 2010, and its reformer Pilates classes have become a local fitness staple.

Franchise Growth and International Reach

  • Launched franchise arm in 2022.
  • Development agreements signed for multiple locations across the U.S. in states such as New York, North Carolina, and Texas.
  • International expansion set for Melbourne, Australia.
  • Aiming for a total of 600 franchised studios globally.

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Tamara Galinsky’s Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Founded JetSet Pilates in 2010 due to a personal need for a community-oriented, music-infused, and aesthetically pleasing reformer Pilates concept.
  • Pilates journey started in London, where she discovered the transformative power of reformer Pilates after postpartum struggles.
  • Despite initial skepticism, launched the first studio in Miami’s South Beach, which is still thriving today.

Remarkable Growth and Unique Branding

  • Started as a single studio, now boasts five corporate locations with 29 franchised locations in development.
  • Aims to expand to over 600 franchised studios domestically.
  • Success is attributed to a combination of tailored classes, exclusive music, top-notch certified instructors, and immersive studio design.
  • Emphasizes an elevated experience with a dynamic 50-minute workout.

Standing Out in the Crowded Pilates Space

  • Acknowledges the crowded Pilates space but sees a renaissance and reinvention of reformer Pilates as a modern, inclusive method.
  • Highlights luxury branding, next-level instructors, and vibrant community as key differentiators.
  • Anticipates substantial growth in the Pilates market, forecasting $277 billion by 2028.

Strategic Decision to Franchise

  • Recognized the robust business model, strong brand, and high demand for offerings nationwide.
  • Franchising team assembled with a focus on expertise and industry knowledge.
  • Seized the opportunity presented by Miami’s transient population and the pandemic-induced influx of people.

Founders’ Advice from Tamara Galinsky

  • Align offerings with strengths and passions.
  • Emphasizes meticulous planning, strategic implementation, and attention to detail.
  • Perseverance crucial for overcoming challenges in the fitness industry.
  • Fostering a strong sense of community is vital for success.

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