Elevate Workouts: Experience the Power Plate Revolution

Join the fitness revolution at Premier Fitness with Power Plate, the ultimate gym partner that’s redefining the way we approach exercise.

Unveiling Power Plate:

  • Vibration Technology: Premier Fitness introduces you to Power Plate’s patented PrecisionWave™ technology, designed to optimize your workout by activating muscles, improving circulation, and aiding in muscle recovery.
  • Versatile Portfolio: Explore Power Plate’s diverse range of fitness solutions, from the groundbreaking REV vibrating indoor cycle to handheld targeted vibration products, tailored to meet your fitness goals.

The Power of Functional Fitness:

  • Simple Yet Effective: Incorporate traditional exercises like squats, lunges, and dips into your routine on the Power Plate platform to accelerate results and enhance muscle activation.
  • Enhanced Versatility: Experience the seamless integration of Power Plate into warm-up routines, primary workouts, and post-workout recovery sessions at Premier Fitness, ensuring a holistic fitness experience.

Celebrity Endorsements Speak Volumes:

Elite Users: Discover why celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Serena Williams, and Cindy Crawford trust Power Plate to elevate their fitness journey and achieve unparalleled results.

Versatility Drives Engagement & Retention:

  • Universal Appeal: Premier Fitness embraces Power Plate’s universal appeal, catering to individuals of all fitness levels and abilities, fostering inclusivity and community engagement.
  • Revenue Opportunities: Leverage the versatility of Power Plate to create diverse revenue streams and enhance Premier Fitness’s financial performance.

Educating for Empowerment:

  • Key to Success: Premier Fitness prioritizes education to empower gym owners and members with a deeper understanding of vibration therapy and its transformative effects.
  • Long-Term Relevance: With 25 years of proven success in Europe, Power Plate remains at the forefront of fitness innovation, shaping the future of the industry at Premier Fitness and beyond.


Join Premier Fitness in embracing the fitness revolution with Power Plate, your ultimate gym partner for achieving unparalleled results and elevating your fitness journey to new heights.

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