Don’t be SPOOKED by the gym

What’s that saying from Wizard of Oz? Lions, Germs, Covid oh my? Going to the gym in 2020 was forbidden and in 2021 can be an uncomfortable place to be. A study discovered that each piece of gym equipment had up to 1 million germs per square inch. It also showed that the average treadmill has 74 times more bacteria than a public water faucet. Those statistics alone are very daunting when a person is considering their workout. Many of the masses who frequent the gym fear the germs they may encounter while getting their workout in.  

Pre-covid that was a mild concern, but no one took it as seriously as they do today. As fitness facilities are opening and your employees/customers are returning to the gym, it is important to highlight that taking the proper safety precautions can reduce that fear and make fitness a safe space.  Sanitation is the major component to gym safety. By implementing handwashing and by having fitness facilities who are actively sanitizing the equipment and space, one removes the fear and provides confidence. Premier Fitness Services has aligned their goals with facility management, and that is to keep everyone safe.  Halloween should be the only day of year where you are allowed to be spooked!

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