5 benefits to having a gym in the workplace

Often, we find ourselves entering a job where we are sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. It is during those long workdays that we develop less motivation to complete personal tasks that take place after work. Working out is already a task that requires lots of motivation, but difficult for people in the work force to find time to do.

  • By having a fitness facility within the workplace an employer would see their employee’s mental health improve, productivity increase, less absenteeism, and a positive attitude emerge.
  • Exercise is proven to raise energy levels and combat stress. Implementing a fitness space will allow employees to decompress, foster teamwork and a share a goal to better the company.
  • Another reason as to why It is incredibly beneficial to encourage fitness within the workplace is that it could be a selling point for employers to promote to potential employees.

It is a luxury that many companies don’t offer and that should be advertised for the sake of employee’s wellness. In conclusion, a company who promotes not only mental wellness by implementing physical wellness in the workplace, is more likely to succeed in productivity.  

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