How The World’s Dirtiest Environments, Lead to The Most Effective Clean

How The World's Dirtiest Environments, Lead to The Most Effective Clean - Premier Fitness Service

Fitness centers are statistically the dirtiest environments in the world, with many high-touch surfaces containing 360 times more germs, per square inch, than a toilet seat!  While many gyms rely on fitness users to maintain cleanliness between staff cleanings, 46% of users admit to not cleaning equipment before or after use.  This causes surfaces to be left exposed to harmful bacteria that can survive for up to 3 days! With this in mind, the experts at Premier Fitness Service have leveraged experience in the management of these spaces to develop the most powerful and safe sanitation solutions ever created. 

Considering that more than 70% of bacteria found in commercial fitness spaces are harmful to humans and surfaces often contain more than one million germs per square inch, Premier was dedicated to not only effectively eliminating these toxic pathogen colonies, but to the development of products which protect surfaces long after application.  With this objective realized, Premier Fitness Service has been proud to introduce several ground breaking products that have forever changed the sanitation industry forever.

Premier90X Surface Protection

Where other cleaning and disinfecting solutions kill only contaminants presently on a surface, Premier90X is a bio-guard solution that applies a lasting barrier of protection, which adheres to surfaces and protects against harmful pathogens for up to 90 days!

CleanXtend Wipes 

Introducing CleanXtend Disinfecting Wipes!  Not only do CleanXtend Wipes kill 99.99% of pathogens on contact but it treats surfaces with a 4-hour lasting coat of protection following application.

PuriXtend Lasting Hand Sanitizer

One application of PuriXtend provides hands with a minimum of 4 hours lasting protection! PuriXtend provides skin with an  antimicrobial barrier that utilizes advanced technology which actively and continuously reduces pathogen colonization.

Premier90X Electro-Static Sprayer

Electrostatic disinfectant sprayer is providing new methods to apply disinfectants to variety of surfaces. It is an easy-to-use and highly effective system that can successfully help to kill and disinfect both bacteria and viruses.The Spray method helps insure fast coverage of complex and hard to reach surfaces that could be easily missed.

PremierXP Equipment Divider

Eliminate the spread of bio-debris & harmful organisms, while reducing cross contamination with PremierXP Deluxe Equipment Divider. Achieve social distancing, eliminate the need to remove equipment, enhance user privacy, and demonstrate elevated sanitation protocol.

“Premier has focused on the development of products that not only eliminate harmful pathogens but provide the vital function of post application protection.”  Perry Allison, President of Premier Fitness Service

With fitness centers representing the most unclean environments, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only shown the fitness industry but all communal spaces that there’s significant work to be done to ensure the safe interaction of guests.  As a result of the products Premier has developed and successfully made available to the fitness community, IAM Pacific Wellness Inc. (PFS parent company) has begun distribution to all commercial industries and consumer markets.  

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