Fitness Amenity: Increase Sales and The Value of your Offer!


There is no other community asset or amenity which a prospective tenant believes they will utilize or see more value. Following the implementation of an exceptionally well-planned fitness space, incorporating the fitness amenity as a primary component of your sales process is essential.

An effective sales process will motivate, inspire and allow tenants to visualize their potential while utilizing your fitness amenity to reach their fitness goals.

Here are the key areas of opportunity that a well-structured fitness space provides:

  • Maintains the satisfaction of your current tenants & thereby increases renewal of existing leases.
  • Captivates & motivates potential clients to sign leases.
  • Differentiates your property from all other nearby communities.

Premier Fitness Service, works with focused budgets to enhance your fitness amenity. Focus is key to your success in enhancing your fitness center and business- a custom solution for specific issues. You only want to invest time and money in the products and services that enhance your client’s fitness activities and health. Our experts here at Premier Fitness Service have discovered that in order to do that it takes:

Vision – What are your client goals? We assess every aspect of your fitness center and determine ways we can enhance your client’s fitness experience.

Planning – How can you enhance the layout to offer the most of what your clients what? How can your get everything moved adequately? Do I buy new equipment or refurbish my existing machines? How can you schedule it all? Nothing happens without a plan.

Expertise – What are the best materials, equipment, and personnel to use? Where do you invest your time and money for the best return? We are tenaciously dedicated to ensuring a culture of talent, development, teamwork, and a vision of unity.

Resources – Who can call on to consult? Can they provide your staff with ongoing training and support? We have partnered with over 50 manufacturers of cutting-edge fitness products throughout the world. Our company design, installs, services, & sustains custom fitness centers for diverse commercial markets.

Attitude – is my team going to have the same dedication as my clients do? Do they understand me? Premier Fitness Service is your team to realize the optimal potential of every aspect of your fitness business.

Premier Fitness Service offers the most superior & all-inclusive presentation of wellness products, services, industry expertise, and total management of fitness amenities. If you would like support in leveling up your fitness amenity to captivating status & insight into what greater sales incorporation looks like, please contact our Premier experts today!

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