6 Ways Fitness Centers WIN

6 Ways Fitness Centers WIN

In a day where health and fitness have never been more popular, community fitness centers are still falling short and leaving vast droves of users uninspired and under-equipped. Thankfully sharpening the look and functionality of the average fitness center is easy to do when considering the common pitfalls fitness amenities experience. 

Here are the most common ways fitness amenities differentiate themselves & WIN BIG:

I. Relevant Equipment

A fitness center is only as good as the versatility of functionality it offers to the user.  The truth is that many fitness centers are not properly stocked with enough equipment to serve their projected user base or with the proper workout versatility required. This is manifested in the following scenarios;

  • Too little of a certain piece
    Without enough treadmills, users will need to wait too long for an available unit.
  • Too many of a certain piece
    Having too many treadmills also doesn’t solve a problem but wastes money & space.
  • Multiple pieces with the same (redundant) functionality
    It also doesn’t make sense to have several Ab pieces (ex; Benches, selectorized, coaster, etc.) but no leg exercise options.

These are all solutions that should be considered and solved by the original design and equipment Supply Company however this is often neglected or otherwise overlooked. The practical functionality of every fitness center should be evaluated immediately and considered annually to stay current with changing trends and user demands.  We can help you with this and ensure an efficient inventory of products.

“The practical functionality of every fitness center should be evaluated immediately and considered annually to stay current with changing trends and user demands”

II. Facility Condition

Nothing reduces a user’s opinion of a fitness center more than seeing a facility with a low priority & standard of care.  Here are the ways facilities are often neglected;

  • Out of Order’ equipment
    The user never had a chance.  When equipment is not in operation, neither is the user and neither is their money.
  • Visibly damaged equipment
    Cosmetics aren’t everything but it does set the user’s expectation, either high or low.
  • Missing or unaccounted-for accessories
    Having a big expensive unit without the necessary accessories is like having a beautiful car without fuel.
  • Underperforming equipment
    Similar to the difference between a car that’s running well and one that’s barely running, a treadmill with poor operation is evident.  This not only is an inconvenience to the user but makes the unit feel unsafe which it probably is…
  • Dirty equipment & facility
    Nothing says “gross” like a moist or sticky piece of fitness equipment.

III. The ‘WOW’ Factor

What are the reasons that a tenant would decide to sign a new lease with your community?

  • Budget
    Every new apartment seeker generally has this figured out prior to starting their search and is actively looking in their price range.  Therefore it is often not a negotiable selling point.
  • Location
    Similar to the budget, the prospective tenant already has this nailed down and is looking within their desired region.
  • Apartment Floor Plan
    More of a competitive selling point, however not much, when considering that the prospect has seen many rooms with four white walls.  After a prolonged search, their vision becomes blurred and floor plans start to have no meaning.
  • Pool
    “Hey, there’s a pool… cool.” Much like the last twelve properties and without a unique water feature, your pool will likely be forgotten momentarily.
  • Fitness Center
    “But WOW, the fitness center is well maintained, and has plenty of relevant equipment and unique products not at the other properties I’ve seen; where do I sign.”  The fitness center is the most undervalued and under-appreciated money-making asset a community regularly neglects. Much like a New Year’s resolution for Fitness goals, your fitness center when compared to your other communities’ amenities is hands down the most important.  Add in a unique piece of equipment and BOOM, your property just made the top of the client’s list.

In short, by simply adding one interesting or unique piece to the fitness amenity you can separate your community from the pack.  If multiple new deals are signed over the course of one year… how many times does that unit pay for itself?

IV. Aesthetic Appeal 

Not making an attempt at a unique aesthetic appeal in a fitness center is a missed opportunity.  This is a space, unlike many formal settings, which has a unique energy that can and should be supported with the following ideas;

  • Unique wall colors
  • Artwork 
  • Wall Decals
  • Flooring type & color
  • Equipment frame & upholstery color
  • All of these should of course tie into and support the health and fitness attitude you want, the market you serve, and the property style already in place.

V. Clean Environment 

Nothing says “Take small breaths” and “Get me out of here!” like a nasty fitness center.  

How to avoid this:

  1. Schedule weekly, if not daily, cleaning of equipment.
  2. Have the floor vacuumed and elevate all treadmills and vacuum under the motor compartment.
  3. Ensure sanitation wipes are present and fully stocked so users can wipe down equipment before and after use.

V. Strong Facility Care & Management

With all there is to consider about having and maintaining a successful community fitness center, along with managing all of your other responsibilities, how are you supposed to be expected to keep every area in balance?  

Community fitness centers are often under-equipped, leaving users uninspired and under-equipped. To differentiate themselves from other fitness centers, it is important to consider relevant equipment, facility condition, and missing or unaccounted-for accessories. Additionally, the practical functionality of every fitness center should be evaluated annually to stay current with changing trends and user demands. Underperforming equipment, dirty equipment & facility, and a lack of a ‘WOW’ factor are all factors that can influence a tenant’s decision to sign a new lease with a community. Budget is often a negotiable selling point, location is more of a competitive selling point, floor plans are less important, and the fitness center is an undervalued and under-appreciated money-making asset.

The most important details are the aesthetic appeal of a fitness center, the clean environment, and the strong facility care and management. The aesthetic appeal should be supported with unique wall colors, artwork, wall decals, flooring type & color, and equipment frame & upholstery color. The clean environment should be scheduled weekly, if not daily, and sanitation wipes should be present and stocked. The strong facility care & management should be managed to keep every area in balance.

Fortunately, fitness management companies are here to assist you as a property owner. Premier Fitness Service is an all-inclusive fitness organization that specializes in the development & management of commercial wellness studios.  Contact our team today to get started in making your fitness amenity a client-captivating monster!

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