The Inflatable Plunge system offers a hassle-free way to start enjoying your plunge experience within just 10 minutes. It includes all the essentials: A tub, a highly efficient .8hp chiller capable of both rapid cooling and heating, a high-capacity pump, a buckled cover, and a convenient carrying backpack.

The .8hp dual temperature chiller ensures quick and quiet temperature control, with the flexibility to bring the water down to temps as low as 37 degrees or up as high as 105 degrees. This chiller system also incorporates 2-phase filtration and ozone sanitization that allows you to use it day in and day out, with mimimal water maintenance. You can easily control the temperature from anywhere on your smartphone with the user-friendly WiFi app. The chiller draws 700 watts and plugs into any standard home power outlet, with no special wiring required.

The system’s quick setup or teardown, completed in just 10 minutes, make it a versatile choice for various settings, offering you the flexibility you need to bring your plunge wherever life takes you. The system requires no plumbing and no constant water source. Simply fill the tub with a garden hose, and then turn the chiller on which then cycles, filters, and chills or heats the water to your ideal temperature.

The tub can hold a maximum of 98 gallons of water.


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