BNEHS Infrared Sauna, 1-2 Person Home Sauna with 10 Minutes Warm-up Heater Tube& Carbon Panels, Personal Sauna for Home with Door Handle to Hold Cell Phones and IPad, Panoramic Tempered Glass


Efficient and Fast Heating: Our infrared sauna is equipped with heating tubes and mica carbon plates, which heat up faster and can generally finish preheating in 10 minutes. We recommend setting the preset temperature to about 45-50℃, which is ideal for the body. And it usually takes a total of 15-20 minutes to reach the ideal temperature in summer and 25-30 minutes in winter.(Including 10 minutes preheating)
Breaking the Boring Sauna Process: I guess you don’t like sitting in a sauna for half an hour doing nothing, it’s often torturous. But our infrared saunas come with a door handle to hold your phone or iPad. So before you start, connect the built-in Bluetooth speaker and turn on your music or video, then every moment of the sauna will be fun and enjoyable!
Changeable Chromotherapy Lighting: Chromotherapy is proven to be beneficial for improving health. It usually relieves muscle aches and pains, reduces fatigue, improves blood circulation and adjusts the function of the body, allowing you to find a comfort and peace in a fast-paced life.
Delivery to Your Home: The infrared sauna contains a total of 3 packages. The delivery truckers will provide unloading and signing service for the packages, as well as carrying sauna to the home door. And to ensure that you receive the product in good condition, we will use pallets for shipping and call you before delivery to ensure that you successfully receive the sauna.
Free Replacement Parts:Infrared sauna room is certified by ETL, CE and GS authorities. If there are parts that are damaged during use, we will send you replacement parts for free.

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