2024 Fitness & Wellness Trends Unveiled

As Premier Fitness gears up for another groundbreaking year, we’re keeping a close eye on the evolving landscape of fitness and wellness trends. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect in 2024, and how it aligns with our commitment to providing top-notch services for fitness spaces:

Connected Fitness Challenges and Collaborations

Mirror’s Reflection: Lululemon bid farewell to its connected fitness unit, Mirror, in 2023, emphasizing the ongoing struggle in the connected fitness space.
Premier’s Take: In our pursuit of excellence, Premier Fitness is attuned to industry shifts, ensuring our services seamlessly adapt to the changing needs of connected fitness spaces.

In-Person Fitness Triumphs

Resurgence of In-Person Workouts: IHRSA’s 2023 Global Report highlights a strong return to in-person workouts, with boutique fitness leading the way.
Premier’s Involvement: As in-person fitness thrives, Premier Fitness stands ready to support the maintenance, installation, and design needs of these dynamic spaces.

Weight Loss Drugs Transforming the Landscape

GLP-1 Weight-Loss Boom: The fitness industry embraces weight-loss drugs, opening new opportunities and revenue streams.
Integrated Wellness: Life Time and Xponential Fitness venture into weight loss medication, highlighting the importance of holistic health in fitness spaces.

Strength Training’s Continued Ascendancy
  • Gen Z’s Preference: MindBody’s report indicates Gen Z’s affinity for Pilates, yoga, and especially strength training.
  • Technogym Insights: Fabrizio Cecchinelli attributes the surge in strength training to social media and scientific backing.
  • Premier’s Support: As strength training gains momentum, Premier Fitness is equipped to provide services and equipment catering to this growing trend.
  • Wearables: Bridging the Gap to Healthcare
  • Wearable Evolution: Wearables are becoming personalized health clinics, with features like heart rate monitoring and FDA-approved health detection.
  • Social Fitness: Wearables now facilitate social engagement, enabling users to share health metrics with professionals and loved ones.
  • Premier’s Role: As wearables play an integral role in fitness, Premier Fitness ensures that spaces are equipped to accommodate these evolving technologies.

Virtual Reality’s Emergence

VR Fitness Rising: While connected fitness faces challenges, virtual reality fitness gains momentum with offerings from Les Mills and Xponential Fitness.
  • Meta’s Lawsuit Drama: Despite legal hurdles, Meta remains committed to virtual reality in the fitness space, emphasizing the potential for engaging workouts.
  • Premier’s Vision: Embracing innovation, Premier Fitness stays abreast of VR fitness developments, ensuring our services align with the future of interactive workouts.

As Premier Fitness anticipates an exciting year ahead, we’re ready to partner with fitness spaces to create environments that seamlessly integrate these trends, fostering optimal health and wellness for all. Contact us today to learn more!

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