Why Modern Clients Value Health and Fitness

Fitness Center

You have one feature, one function, one asset within your property that’s able to connect with one hundred percent of your clients. What is that feature? 

Well, what is the number one New Year’s resolution? What is the number one topic on social media? What is the number one thought of everyone? It is health and fitness! It’s the status of our bodies. We subconsciously think about it. We hope and pray for change more in this area than any other. So that is the answer. Whether you are in hospitality, multi-family housing, or a corporate organization, you’re looking to draw in the greatest talent. With or without a fitness amenity, you need to find a way to speak and incorporate health and fitness as part of your purpose and your mission. 

Specifically for those who have fitness amenities, you have the life changing space. The space where somebody can find a different lifestyle or a different version of themselves within the space. It is a tremendous opportunity for you to communicate that experience. Communicate for your clients exactly what their life could look like. 

Moving homes is one of the greatest and most stressful things someone could possibly do. Good news for you, with this move into our community you get full access to a completely built out and fully cared for fitness amenity! 

Why this message? 

This is what your clients need and want to hear! We need to fill them with passion and inspiration when they consider doing business with you.

We’ve spent time dedicating ourselves to the promotion of your health and fitness. These are just a few industries where this message is a winner. Who knows this message?

Life Time Fitness

Life Time built residential and multi-family housing communities with health and fitness being the winning message for the modern, on-demand consumer. They are investing themselves into an entirely different industry, where they know they’ll have success. 

“It’s more than a home. It’s a lifestyle.” -Life Time Living

Through understanding and providing health and fitness, Life Time is able to charge 3x the average rent, and their waitlist is still growing!

Equinox Fitness

Equinox Fitness, a luxurious fitness gym, and membership-based organization. Equinox Fitness is now building hotels with their focus being health and fitness. 

“Fueled by ambition. Powered by possibilities. Where high-performance lives.” – Equinox Hotels

They have quickly reached the top of the luxury hotel industry and their property offers a full gym, spa, and their rooms include anything and everything a person needs to ensure everyone leaves feeling “primed to perform in ways you never thought possible.”

These are fitness organizations that have moved into other industries, understanding the winning message of health and fitness, and how that resonates with one hundred percent of on-demand consumers. The on-demand consumer is a new phenomenon. Born out of 2020, certainly, but even before then. With companies like Uber, Amazon, and Doordash, we see the consumer is now on demand, requiring items, goods and services to be delivered to their doorstep. This is where we see that normal players within the fitness industry – the dues paying gyms – are now crippled and in active free fall. At this moment, they’re unable to connect with the needs of the on-demand consumer. 

That is why your facility, if you’re in the vertical market; an apartment, a hotel, a corporation, or a college with a recreation center, you win! The reason is because you have multi-purpose value within your community where the on-demand consumer, your ideal client, can find additional multi-purpose value within your community. With that additional value, you’re able to speak to their greatest desire that builds upon all other areas within their life. 

The value of the fitness message within your business is tremendous. We understand that here at Premier Fitness Service, and we would love to support you with building out the custom message and strategy to incorporate health and fitness into your sales and marketing strategy. Both lead to generating new client opportunities, leading to paying clients for your business. Give us a call! Our experts here at Premier Fitness Service are ready to support you in the development of your fitness space and your business!

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