Where Fitness Meets Recovery

Discover Holistic Wellness: SoulBody Studios Opening Soon in Fort Myers, Florida

Where Fitness Meets Well-being

At Premier Fitness, we understand the evolving landscape of wellness, and we’re thrilled to witness SoulBody Fitness’s innovative approach to whole-body health. As SoulBody Studios prepares to open its doors in early January 2024 in Fort Myers, Florida, we celebrate this integration of fitness and well-being, aligning perfectly with our commitment to comprehensive fitness solutions.

A Holistic Wellness Haven

  • Diverse Offerings: SoulBody Studios will feature signature programs like barre, yoga sculpt, and low-impact interval training, merging fitness and recovery seamlessly. Infrared saunas, red light therapy, compression, PEMF, and salt therapy will enhance the holistic experience. Premier Fitness recognizes the significance of diverse fitness solutions, reflecting our commitment to tailored fitness spaces.
  • Comprehensive Approach: SoulBody’s visionary CEO, Stacey Seward Vandiver, aims to create a community hub where fitness and well-being converge. By integrating medical services, SoulBody Studios will offer a comprehensive approach to overall health, mirroring Premier Fitness’s goal of promoting holistic well-being.

A Unified Approach to Wellness

  • Breaking Membership Barriers: Vandiver’s vision eliminates the need for multiple memberships, providing a diverse range of workouts and recovery options under one roof. This approach resonates with Premier Fitness’s belief in offering all-encompassing fitness solutions without boundaries.
  • Value-Based Care: Partnering with Jeff Skeen, CEO of Results Redefined, SoulBody Studios is pioneering a value-based care model. By maximizing reimbursements through innovative health and wellness services, this approach aligns with Premier Fitness’s commitment to efficient, cost-effective fitness solutions.

Join the Wellness Revolution

“We have accomplished that with SoulBody Studios,” Vandiver states, emphasizing the creation of a space that fosters community, calm, and overall health. Premier Fitness invites you to explore this holistic haven and experience the future of fitness and well-being.

Premier Fitness is your steadfast partner in achieving comprehensive fitness solutions.

Original article: https://athletechnews.com/soulbody-opens-first-brick-and-mortar/

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