The #1 Way to Protect Your Business During Recession

With the American economy entering into a recession, how will you keep your business profitable? The answer to keeping your business profitable is equipping and enhancing a fitness amenity on your property.

The Center of Profit

  • According to the National Apartment Association, community fitness centers are considered a “must-have” for any property.
  • Hotel guests who give positive feedback on wellness amenities available were 38% more likely to give a favorable review of hotels overall.
  • Around 70% of employees state they are likely to stay with an employer long-term if the company invests in employee health. 

In 2020, the commercial gym industry was at a hard stop from the effects of covid-19 and the hard stop is returning in the recession. As a result, users are effectively transitioning to exercise spaces such as apartment, hotel, recreation, and corporate gyms. In fact, 78% of consumers are reporting that having a gym available, at their work, residence, and travel destinations, is essential. 

On top of all this information, fitness is the #1 topic on social media this year as it is projected that in 2030, 50% of the US population will be obese. What we are telling you is that everyone wants a fitness space. Are you providing it? 

A Better Lifestyle

With an added and updated fitness space, you are providing a better lifestyle for your clients than they could get with any commercial gym; you are providing your clients:

  • Cost saving
  • Higher quality care
  • Timesaving
  • Sanitation
  • Convenience
  • Familiar social demographic
  • Comfortability

Your clients are spending money on a gym membership fee that averages $20-$40 monthly. With your updated fitness facility, that money will be going to your pocket instead. The fitness center on your property is right downstairs. Having your gym equipment 5 minutes away is incredibly convenient. Taking five minutes versus 20 minutes to the gym can be the difference between health and unfitness. Being comfortable is also important to the fitness user. Fitness users would rather go to a fitness center that is clean and with familiar people than going to a commercial gym where nothing is sanitized and it is full of strangers.

With all of these qualities, you will see business growth in gaining new customers who desire convenience, value, and efficiency. Considering that fitness is the most common thought on everyone’s mind, your fitness center is obviously your most valuable asset to your customers, which in turn makes your fitness center your most valuable asset.

Put It In Play

Finally, the best way to get ahead of the recession is to start now. Not only is it the safest and best option to start building a fitness space now, but also promoting your fitness space so your clients become aware of what you offer.

“The value of your fitness amenity is mute, when your marketing strategy is lacking, to broadcast its exceptional status.”

-Perry Allison CEO, IAM Pacific Wellness Inc.

Honestly, after all these statistics stating how great a fitness center is for your business, if your clients do not know about it, your fitness center is worthless. Your fitness center has the potential to grow your business immensely if you highlight it. Use your fitness center as a selling point to prove to your clients why they should choose you and not your competitors.

With an excellent fitness space and marketing plan, your business will have the best asset it needs to profitably stand strong during any recessions in the next coming years.

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