Status of fitness industry

2020 Was a year that altered many fitness users lives. Gyms were shut down and heavy restrictions were put in place. So, you may be wondering “what the status of the fitness industry now?” The fitness industry is poised for incredible growth post-pandemic, with fitness trends undergoing a seismic shift away from gyms and towards outdoors, home fitness, and digital options. Although each segment in the industry is looking to provide consumers the benefits of exercise, they are in direct competition with one another to stand out as the best option.
• The fitness industry experienced a 32.45% decline in revenue during 2020 but is projected to rebound to 0.55% pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2021
• Worth nearly 160 billion in 2021, the fitness industry is expected to grow 171.75% to 434.74 billion USD by 2028
• The industries hit the hardest by the pandemic were the gym, health club, and boutique fitness studio industries
• They declined up to 58.30% in the first year of the pandemic
• In 2021, they are projected to still be down 22.5% from their pre-pandemic revenue levels in 2019

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