Texas A&M University’s Southside Rec Center Excellence

Premier Fitness celebrates Texas A&M University’s Southside Rec Center, recognized with a prestigious NIRSA Outstanding Facilities Award earlier this year. As a leader in fitness solutions, we acknowledge the significance of cutting-edge facilities aligning with our commitment to fostering health and wellbeing.

Key Highlights:

  • NIRSA Outstanding Facilities Award:
    • Acknowledges innovative design in collegiate recreation facilities.
    • Criteria include impact on the institution’s recreation program, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Quote from NIRSA Reviewer:

  • “Met a large student need with a unique and beautiful design.”
  • Texas A&M’s Vision for Wellness:
    • With over 77,000 students, Texas A&M addresses the demand for recreational sports and fitness.
    • Southside Rec Center, opened in Fall 2022, welcomes over 14,000 visitors weekly.

Jeff Huskey, Executive Director of RecSports:

  • “The addition of the beautiful Southside Recreation Center has really been a great addition to our campus.”
  • Facility Design and Features:
    • 64,000 square feet designed for efficiency and accessibility.
    • Functional areas interconnected with large glass windows for natural daylight and panoramic views.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Elements:
    • Bouldering wall, fitness studio, multi-sport courts, strength and conditioning zone.
    • Outdoor features: lawn area, sand volleyball courts, covered outdoor turf area.

NIRSA Evaluator’s Comment:

  • “The thought given to connecting dynamic outdoor spaces to the indoor spaces is fantastic.”
  • Indoor-to-Outdoor Connection:
    • Emphasis on connecting interior and exterior spaces.
    • Large windows provide natural light, views of preserved live oaks, and outdoor elements.

SmithGroup’s Insight:

  • “The innovation of the Southside Recreation Center at Texas A&M University lies in the simplicity of the spatial planning.”
  • SmithGroup’s Architectural Excellence:
    • SmithGroup, founded in 1853, showcases a rich history of notable projects.
    • Commitment to sustainability evident in preserving live oaks, controlling rainwater runoff, and sourcing local materials.

SmithGroup’s Statement:

  • “It is such an honor for this project to be awarded an Outstanding Facility Award by NIRSA.”

Elevating University Fitness with Premier Fitness

As we acknowledge the outstanding achievements of Texas A&M University and extend our congratulations, we also highlight our ongoing commitment to universities like Cal State Fullerton. Premier Fitness serves as a catalyst in the creation of exceptional fitness spaces, fostering health, and wellness throughout the academic landscape. Join us in the pursuit of excellence as we continue to empower universities in providing top-tier fitness solutions for their students and communities.

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Original article: https://www.athleticbusiness.com/facilities/rec-center/article/15638134/nirsa-facility-feature-texas-am-university-southside-rec-center

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