New Fitness Haven for Marines

Camp Pendleton’s Fitness Upgrade

  • Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base, situated just north of San Diego, California, recently unveiled its latest fitness gem – the Semper Fit Paige Fieldhouse.

From Dining Facility to Cutting-Edge Fitness Hub

  • The old fitness center, dating back to 1940 and originally a dining facility, was in dire need of an overhaul. Patti Onthank, department head of Semper Fit, shares, “Needless to say, the building had problems, the least of which was the way it looked.”

A Marvel for Marines

  • Completed in March 2004, the Semper Fit Paige Fieldhouse spans almost 60,000 square feet, designed with easily supervised program spaces.
  • Patti Onthank emphasizes the impact, stating, “When Marines came back from overseas and walked into the new Fieldhouse, they were amazed. This is a facility that they deserve, and it is enjoyed every day.”

Unique Features

  • The facility boasts a Health Promotion Center, classrooms, locker rooms, storage, administration areas, and a gear issue area.
  • What sets it apart? It’s free for Marines and their families. Onthank notes, “The programs in this facility are entirely free — no memberships, and no fees for any services or classes. Our program is one of the benefits active duty military enjoy, and it is mission-essential for Marines.”

Comprehensive Services

  • Free services include personal training, health-risk appraisals, cholesterol screening, blood pressure screening, body fat testing, health classes, and group exercise classes.
  • Onthank adds, “Something extra fun and unique are Special PTs, which happen when a Marine unit comes in for a group exercise class.”

Easy Supervision and Accessibility

  • The layout ensures easy supervision, with staff at the front desk having a clear view of the entire facility.

Drawing Attention Next to the Base Exchange

  • The Fieldhouse, strategically located next to the Base Exchange, attracts attention effortlessly. Onthank mentions, “Word-of-mouth takes care of the rest. We have an electronic marquis that advertises events.”

Connecting the Dots with Premier Fitness

  • Premier Fitness Services align with the mission of supporting military fitness spaces, extending beyond apartment and hotel facilities to military housing, ships, and various other installations and services.


  • The Semper Fit Paige Fieldhouse stands as a testament to Camp Pendleton’s commitment to the physical well-being of its Marines. As Premier Fitness shares a commitment to fitness spaces, this development resonates with our shared goals of providing top-notch facilities and services.

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