Hyperice Boosts Pause Studio: Revolutionizing Wellness

Hyperice, a global high-performance wellness brand, and Pause Studio, a leading wellness recovery brand. This collaboration is set to redefine the wellness landscape and provide added value to both Hyperice and Pause enthusiasts nationwide. As Premier Fitness shares a commitment to innovation and well-being, this partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission to enhance fitness spaces through cutting-edge technologies and premium services.

Key Highlights:

  • Normatec Dynamic Air Compression Therapy: Pause Studio introduces the scientifically proven Normatec dynamic air compression therapy, a key addition to their wellness services. This therapy aids in reducing swelling and inflammation, increasing circulation, and speeding up recovery time.
  • Percussive Massage Therapy with Hyperice’s Hypervolt Line: Hyperice’s award-winning Hypervolt line now offers percussive massage therapy, designed to reduce muscle tension, increase blood flow, and maintain a user’s range of motion.
  • Heated Hypervolt Treatment: Enhancing the percussive massage experience, Hyperice introduces the Heated Hypervolt Attachment. Available in Pause Studios’ private contrast therapy and infrared sauna suites, this treatment allows clients to super-set their recovery with a double dose of tension release and increased circulation.
  • Strategic Partnership for Innovation: The collaboration between Hyperice and Pause Studios reflects a shared commitment to innovation, well-being, and accessible experiences. By combining recovery technology expertise with proactive care services, both companies aim to empower individuals to feel their best.


  • Jim Huether, Hyperice CEO: “Pause Studio is an extremely progressive partner for Hyperice. Together, through a combination of innovative services and technology, we are delivering a world-class wellness experience for the everyday consumer.”
  • John Klein, Pause CEO: “By combining Hyperice’s best-in-class products with Pause’s science-backed modalities, we are furthering our goal towards meeting the recovery needs of our customers on a daily basis.”

About Pause Studio:

Founded in 2016 by Jeff Ono and John Klein, former Equinox executives, Pause Studio emerged with the mission of enabling individuals to “press pause” in their daily lives. Offering an array of cutting-edge wellness treatments, Pause Studio creates a distinctive one-stop wellness experience, now including Normatec compression therapy in partnership with Hyperice. As a franchise model, Pause Studio is expanding nationally to help people live, feel, and be better.


Connecting Wellness Innovation to Premier Fitness:

As we celebrate the groundbreaking partnership between Hyperice and Pause Studio, Premier Fitness is thrilled to emphasize the natural alignment of this collaboration with our commitment to revolutionizing fitness spaces. 

Our mission, encompassing preventative maintenance, repair, installations, equipment supply, and CAD design services for fitness spaces, resonates seamlessly with the innovative strides in wellness introduced by Hyperice and Pause Studio.

As Hyperice and Pause Studio redefine the wellness landscape, Premier Fitness stands ready to integrate these advancements into our comprehensive suite of services. We believe that a holistic approach to fitness involves not only cutting-edge equipment but also innovative wellness practices that elevate the overall well-being of our clients.

Connect with Premier Fitness:

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Original article: https://www.athleticbusiness.com/industry-press-room/press-release/15659623/hyperice-inc-hyperice-reimagines-wellness-experiences-in-collaboration-with-pause-studio

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