Fitness Trends: In-Person Workouts and Wearable Tech in Spotlight

Premier Fitness is thrilled to share insights from the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) 2024 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, offering a sneak peek into the upcoming fitness landscape. The survey, drawing on the opinions of nearly 2,000 industry professionals, spotlights the evolving preferences of fitness enthusiasts and the industry’s dynamic responses.

In-Person Fitness Makes a Comeback

  • Shift in Focus: The 2024 survey reveals a noticeable shift back to in-person fitness experiences, marking a departure from the prominence of online training and home gyms during the pandemic.
  • Boutique Studios and Memberships: Emerging trends point towards a rise in boutique fitness studios and subscription-based memberships, emphasizing a desire for specialized and community-driven fitness experiences.

Wearable Tech Dominates the Scene

  • Top Trend: Wearable technology continues to lead the pack, underlining the growing consumer interest in personal health data and fitness tracking.
  • Social Support Boost: Dr. A’Naja Newsome, ACSM-CEP and survey spokesperson, emphasizes the importance of leveraging wearable technology to enhance adherence and autonomy for clients, noting that social support plays a crucial role in exercising self-efficacy.

Corporate Wellness Takes the Second Spot

  • Newcomer Alert: Worksite health promotion emerges as a new entrant in the top ten trends, showcasing increased corporate investments in employee health initiatives.
  • Grace De Simone’s Insight: Grace De Simone, wellness director at Wyckoff Family YMCA, links the heightened focus on workplace wellness to the anxiety and caution post-COVID, emphasizing the need for preventive services for a healthy workforce.

Older Generations Embrace Fitness

  • Spotlight on Seniors: Fitness programs tailored for older adults secure the third spot, reflecting the growing emphasis on maintaining health and independence in the 65-plus population.
  • Debbie Bellenger’s Wisdom: Debbie Bellenger, owner of DB Fitness and Wellness Solutions, stresses the importance of specialized training for fitness professionals working with older adults, focusing on holistic well-being beyond physical health.

More Top Trends on the Horizon

  • Tech for Well-being: Other trends include the use of technology and customized programming to improve mental and physical well-being, with mobile apps, mental health-focused exercise, and personal training making the list.
  • Policy Changes: The industry advocates for policy changes to enhance the accessibility and affordability of qualified exercise professionals, recognizing the global rise in anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

Connecting the Dots with Premier Fitness

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