F45 Trials Week: Ignite Your Fitness Finale

Trials Week Highlights

  • Challenge Accepted: F45 Training invites you to amp up your fitness game with a special strength and endurance challenge during Trials Week.
  • Seven Stages, One Goal: Engage in seven stages of F45 workouts, blending cardio, strength training, and hybrid combinations.
  • Global Competition: Log your results into the F45 Training app and compete to top the leaderboard locally and globally.

CEO’s Perspective

  • Tom Dowd, CEO of F45 Training, encourages participants:
    “Ring in the holiday season with F45 and train your heart out to finish the year off strong ahead of the New Year. Trials Week is just as perfect for the competitive looking to push themselves to their true limits as it is for those starting their fitness journey – helping everyone achieve the most rewarding feeling of fit.”

Why F45? The ‘Why I F45’ Series

  • Brand Showcase: F45 is turning heads with its ‘Why I F45’ content series, spotlighting the personal journeys of members, coaches, and franchise owners.

F45’s New Chapter

  • CEO’s Vision: Tom Dowd, appointed earlier this year, aims to steer F45 to new heights despite challenges.
    “Choppy waters indeed — F45 has had to confront a $372 million loss over the last two years and wrangle a lawsuit brought forth by David Beckham and pro golfer Greg Norman as it recently delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.”
  • Leadership Change: Dowd, with 25 years of executive leadership, replaces former CEO Adam Gilchrist and envisions a comeback.
  • Strategic Moves: F45 under Dowd’s leadership has partnered with Whoop, released a workout series by Mark Wahlberg, enhanced its digital presence, explored branded merch, and welcomed a marketing firm for expansion plans.

Connect with Premier Fitness

  • Shared Goals: Premier Fitness Services align with F45’s commitment to fitness spaces, offering preventative maintenance, repair, installations, equipment supply, and CAD design services.
  • VirtualFit Guide: Elevate your workout routine with Premier Fitness’s VirtualFit Guide, offering exercise training videos, equipment tutorials, workout playlists, podcasts, and more.

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