Empowering Travelers to Discover Workouts with Boddy’s $2.2M Investment

Zurich-based startup Boddy has successfully concluded a seed round, securing $2.2 million to support its growth following its expansion into North America. Notably, Dr. Li Wu, founder of the behavior-change app Virtusan, is a lead investor in Boddy. The seed round also received backing from existing investors. This funding comes on the heels of Boddy’s official launch in the U.S. and Canada.

Boddy’s Wellness Marketplace

Boddy operates a global fitness and wellness marketplace that combines travel and a healthy lifestyle. Travelers can use the platform to search, compare, and book wellness, health, and fitness activities while on vacation. This not only promotes overall wellness for travelers but also enables health operators to attract new customers and boost revenue.

Strategic Partnership with Virtusan

The recent funding has led to a strategic partnership between Boddy and Virtusan, aligning their vision for mind and body health. Hannes Boller, co-founder and CEO of Boddy, expressed excitement about the investment and the potential it holds for revolutionizing the travel and wellness industry.

Dr. Li Wu’s Vision

Dr. Li Wu, the lead investor, believes that Boddy is poised to transform the travel industry, focusing on comprehensive strategies for mental and physical well-being. Through their partnership, they aim to empower individuals seeking well-being experiences worldwide.

Alignment with Travel Trends

Boddy’s wellness marketplace aligns with the growing trend of travelers seeking active and healthy experiences at their destinations. A recent report by American Express highlighted the interest of tech-savvy Gen Z and Millennials in booking travel plans centered on personal wellness.

Boddy’s successful seed round and strategic partnership with Virtusan position it well for continued growth and innovation in the wellness and travel industry.


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