5 Ways to Show Appreciation To Your Fitness Client (Before It’s Too Late)

5 Ways to Show Appreciation To Your Fitness Client (Before It's Too Late) - Premier Fitness Service

For the fitness industry, showing appreciation to your clients is a necessity, especially during these uncertain times. Every time you demonstrate your appreciation to your clients, you build the foundation of a consistent, long term business. Experts have developed five ways your fitness amenity can show greater appreciation to clients that will dramatically benefit your business.

Showing appreciation to clients does not mean discounts or freebies.

There are far more productive ways to show your clients you appreciate them that don’t remove value, but will develop and strengthen the value of your business, leading to dramatic growth. These include: space renovation, health-oriented sanitation, optimal facility performance, superior service, and professional management

During the current hold on the fitness industry’s activity, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to ensure your facility’s success once market uncertainty has passed. Fitness users are poised to return if they recognize your appreciation of them.

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Think about it for a moment: When has there been a better time to revamp your fitness amenity?

● No users are being disrupted by the potential upgrade.

● Users are cooped up & eager to reactivate their fitness lifestyle.

● The market is ready to explode with returning users and new adoptees.

● By investing in your clients and your business, yours will be the organization that acted courageously on behalf of your clients’ fitness experience. This is a tremendous market advantage- an opportunity your property must leverage.


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New equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, stair-steppers, or rowing machines are a terrific way of showing you appreciate your clients. New equipment signals that you are committed to your clients’ fitness goals, you are innovative, and that you are making your fitness amenity worth their investment.

However, there are issues –

   Is there room for new equipment?

●   Does this new equipment make your current equipment look out-of-date?

●   How do you optimize the space so the equipment is easy to use? 

●   What about proper flooring and equipment relocation?

●   How are you going to maintain it? 


Optimize your space with a custom solution that is based on your amenity’s specific needs. This includes:

●    Facility (re)design

● Equipment integration, purchasing and installation.

●    Specialized training on the features & functionality of your new equipment or products.

●    Flooring solutions

●    Premier care maintenance solutions 

Show your clients you care!


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No one likes a dirty gym. Vacuuming, mopping, wiping down equipment, and making sure the showers and restrooms are clean and disinfected should be a top priority. In the current state of affairs, health-oriented sanitation equipment and supplies are TEN TIMES more pivotal to your success

The cleanliness of your fitness amenity speaks to how much you care about your client’s health. People are increasingly anxious about catching any illness. You need to reassure them you are taking the proper steps to ensure their health and wellness before they return. Now is the time to address any users’ issues prior to their return. Ask yourself these questions to ensure you have a solid sanitation protocol in place:

Is your facility prepared for when the current dormancy is lifted in your area? 

Will your clientele be reassured that they are not at risk? 


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In order to have a smooth-running fitness operation you need three things: 

1.   No functional defects

2.   Seamless presentation of relevant products

3.   Regular space management

Give your client a fantastic experience BEFORE they return to their fitness routines by ensuring the exceptional performance of your fitness amenity.


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Great business is always best demonstrated with superior service. Your fitness amenity’s success depends on the level of service you aspire to and provide your fitness clients. Your commitment to presenting the best experience determines the level of service provided.


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A smooth-running operation and superior service starts at the management level, and good management leads by example. It is important to have the necessary tools to enhance your business – the finest equipment, the most effective sanitation supplies, resources to ensure a smooth-running operation, and the highest level of service and management.

Contact us today to discuss how Premier Fitness Service can increase your ROI during this uncertain time, and develop your return to excellence when this stasis period is lifted. The market is poised, and there is a tremendous opportunity for facilities to invest value in themselves and their clients in anticipation of users’ return.