We’ve all heard of ways to renovate your fitness center from the ground up, and let’s face it -it all looks pretty cool. The latest high tech gear, new weights,carpet,wood accents – it looks like an episode of an HGTV program showcasing a multi-million dollar mansion.However, we also have to face the fact that fitness amenities must integrate operations and budgets within the confines of the entire facility we service.That often means aesthetic, budgetary, and functional hurdles, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create and operate a top-flight fitness amenity.

At Premier Fitness Service, we deal with this hurdle every day for our clients.Our priority remains in maintaining our industry-leading client satisfaction rating by delivering all-inclusive commercial wellness solutions for fitness amenities of all types:Corporate fitness, multi-family housing, Hospitality, fitness centers,education, military,pro sports and celebrity,wellness, municipalities, parks and recreation, and non-profit.With our diversity and years of experience, we have developed ten affordable enhancements for your amenity that will elevate its fitness service to your community.


One simple, affordable way to ensure your fitness amenity is delivering satisfactory fitness service to your clients is to ensure all equipment is functioning correctly and looks in good order.  There is nothing that lowers a client’s opinion of your facility more quickly than when they can’t use a particular fitness machine because it’s down.  Premier Fitness Service offers a responsive maintenance and repair service for your fitness equipment.  Our certified team of technical experts will extend the life of your equipment, ensure safe operation, and maintain the optimal performance of your fitness amenity for years to come.


Becoming part of your main facility (and not just an afterthought) is vital in establishing your ‘bona fides’ within your fitness community.It’s easier because you don’t have to redesign the wheel, and you can copy some of the appropriate elements into your fitness amenity’s design.Premier Fitness Service is ready to work with your architect and designers to deliver a cohesive look for your fitness amenity


Making sure you have plenty of supplies – towels, paper products, disinfecting wipes, solutions, and more – is essential to a well-organized fitness amenity.Knowing when the carpet needs cleaning, or when the equipment needs servicing requires organization.Understanding that no two facilities are the same, Premier Fitness Service is here to optimize your amenity to produce the most efficient solutions available. We’re here to provide insight and direction to keep your fitness amenity in optimal condition. We’re the only company that maintains responsibility for ensuring the success of the functional, aesthetic, organizational, supply, presentation & efficiency of fitness amenities.


We work with all parties such as contractors and architects, to create CAD, 3D & 4D layouts of your fitness space.  Supported by our proprietary method of identifying specific needs and backed by the industry’s leading manufacturers, we deliver the highest value floor product offerings available. We offer expert delivery, installation, and assembly to make sure the products you ordered arrive safely are installed correctly & in a position to provide excellent results.


Music and video screens are an excellent way to inspire fitness users to their best activity.With that in mind, Entertainment is an essential function of a fitness amenity.Many modern fitness users utilize their TV screens, browse the internet, play games, or utilize health and fitness apps. These high-tech devices – many integrated with fitness machines like treadmills, stair climbers, and stationary bikes -allow users to stay entertained and motivated.

When planning your amenity, it’s essential to remember that fitness centers have an entertainment function to them as well as a health function — speaking of function.


Your fitness center has to work.It has to work within its walls, and it has to function as part of the larger whole of the Hospitality, Community, or Multi-family Housing.Create a space that fitness clients want to use and wish to return.


Safety is everyone’s concern, especially in a fitness amenity with so many moving parts and heavy weights.The number one enhancement for your facility is safety.It’s the investment you can’t afford not to make.When Premier visits to assess your facility, we will identify potential safety issues and offer solutions to ensure your amenity complies with appropriate regulations and standards.


Your staff is one of the best advertisements for your fitness amenity.Ensuring they are compliant with uniform and grooming standards, have the correct fitness knowledge, and are aware of any current issues is an excellent way to enhance your fitness amenity in the minds of your community.The staff is there to be instructive and helpful and improve the client’s fitness experience.Holding them to a standard through a daily inspection is useful for all concerned.

In addition to staff inspections, daily equipment inspections are a must-have to stave off any problems before they happen.


Equipment spacing, accessibility, and aisle spacing are of the utmost importance to various individuals who use wheelchairs, crutches, or walkers for mobility. Because amenities are legally required to accommodate everyone, ADA-compliant design is a must.

In addition to ADA spacing, fitness center design should allow for open space for stretching, functional training movements, and even some basic and popular traditional exercises like jumping rope or callisthenic type exercises.Premier Fitness Service will again work with your architect and designer to ensure compliance and offer expert input regarding your amenity’s accessibility.


 There has always been a lax attitude when it comes to sanitation and cleanliness at your local fitness center, gym, or fitness amenity.  After all, these places are where people specifically come to “work up a sweat.”  That meant that wiping equipment down with a towel was usually sufficient to consider it ready to be used by another fitness client; or that mopping the floor with simple liquid ammonia cleanser meant that the place was disinfected.

However, in today’s world, cleanliness and disinfection are required, and fitness amenities that do not adhere to a stringent code of sanitation will see their activity drop sharply.  There are several means to demonstrate to the fitness public that you run a clean facility:

  • Signage that explains your facility has been disinfected using specific professional equipment such as the Clorox Total 360 system.
  • Staff members should clean equipment throughout the day using disinfectant wipes. 
  • Disinfectant gel dispensers placed in key positions throughout the facility for client use reduces pathogens and viruses.

Fortunately, if you contact Premier Fitness Service, these new sanitation requirements can be easily integrated into your facility and current cleaning protocols. This Premier service includes all of the solutions to keeping your fitness center healthy and safe – the equipment, cleaning products, client-use products, management, and training.  To learn more about how your fitness amenity can enhance its service to its clients, please contact Premier Fitness Service today. We will be happy to supply you with more information and visit your facility for a consultation.

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