Bridging The Gap Between Fitness & Sanitation

Bridging The Gap Between Fitness & Sanitation - Premier Fitness Service
THEN: The only consequence of a dirty fitness environment was an unhappy member and negative review.
NOW: The consequence of a dirty fitness environment are members contracting & spreading Coronavirus, leaving your reputation and business at risk. 


The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for more strict sanitation procedures. This is especially true for fitness centers that house a variety of viral threats. Fitness clients are more aware of their health and potential health threats than ever before.

One recent study by Filtrated found that gym equipment had 39x more bacteria than a reusable plastic cafe tray! This bacteria causes skin infections and illnesses. Treadmills and bikes had the highest amount of bacteria, 74 times the amount of bacteria found on a tap in a public toilet to be precise.

Free weights had 362 times the amount of germs as a toilet seat. Fitness experts are in the best position to solve the world’s sanitation problem as fitness centers need to take special care to combat various threats that could ruin their client’s health, their reputation, and their business.

What are these threats in fitness centers?

As of April 2019, the top 5 infectious pathogens found in fitness centers include:

➔    Athlete’s foot

➔    Cold and influenza viruses

➔    Staphylococcus bacteria (staph infections)

➔    E. coli and Hepatitis A

➔    Ringworm

➔    Coronavirus

How can you combat these threats?

We have developed professional equipment & sanitation products, and outlined vital sanitation measures to take.

Use professional equipment and sanitation products to sanitize your fitness center.

  1. Hygeina Ensuretouch Rapid Surface Testing– Test your facility’s surface to ensure complete cleanliness
  2. Electro-Static Sprayer- Ensure fast coverage of complex and hard to reach surfaces that could be easily missed.
  3. Equipment Divider- Visibly demonstrates elevated sanitation protocol while achieving social distancing.
  4. Touchless 3-In-1 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser- Effectively avoid germs or infection without making physical contact.
  5. Disinfecting Wipes Wall Mount Dispenser- Cut down on germs & provide a healthier environment with a hygienic, no-touch delivery system for pre-moistened disinfectant wipes
  6. Independent Floor Stand- Increase personal and facility hygiene and reduce product waste with a safe and easy dispensing system.
  7. Stainless Steel Trash Can & Dispenser- Make an impression with a sleek, convenient dual-purpose trash can/dispenser.

Staff should review, identify, and correct any defects in your equipment where bacteria and virus can hide (namely cracks in leather or other areas).

Use hand sanitation stations at key positions in your fitness center

Remind staff and clients of fitness center rules of cleanliness

These threats are serious and we recognize the urgency of dealing with them immediately. The time is NOW. Fitness clients will not want to return to a “dangerous” environment, and they shouldn’t! Squash a bad reputation before it starts. Your best move is to protect your best asset- your clients. Premier Fitness is here to help. We are bridging the gap between sanitation and fitness!


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