Inflight M6 Treadmill



With its powerful motor and durable frame, the M6 Treadmill is the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts. This treadmill offers a great deal of versatility with its highlighted features – a high-efficiency 4.25 HP DC motor OR 3.5 HP AC motor, a 60”x20” lubricant-infused, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) running belt, and a shock-absorbing, maintenance-free deck. The M6 also offers additional comfort features, such as contact and telemetric heart-rate sensors, a cooling fan, speakers, and USB charging port. Perfectly designed for maximum performance and portability, the M6’s small footprint and easy-to-move front-mounted dual wheels make it easy to move from spot to spot. With its full commercial components on a durable light-commercial frame and Zinc-dipped anti-corrosion coating for superior rust protection, the M6 Treadmill is a reliable and tough machine that is perfect for any commercial facility!