Inflight Fitness Half Rack



Ladies and gentlemen, the Half Rack is a workhorse of a machine, built to withstand the heaviest weights and the most intense workouts. With 35 Height Adjustments spaced at 2 inches, it’s easy to find the perfect position for your workout. The Spotter Arms are 24” deep, providing a safe and secure spot for your weights. The 8 Chrome Weight Horns are angled up 2” to retain plates for safety. And the UHMW plastic pads on J-Hooks and Spotter Arms cushion impact and protect the frame, finish, and powder-coating. Optional Add-on options include the Land Mine Attachment, Olympic Bar Holder, Chin-up Bar, and Lower Band Pegs. The Half Rack is a great choice for athletes who are looking for a durable, reliable piece of equipment that will help them take their workout to the next level!