BodyCraft VR200 Rower




The world’s greatest muscle shredding, heart pumping, sweat breaking, results getting workout. A silently, smooth and space efficient rower that wont burn your budget. No matter your tight schedule or fitness level, the Body Craft Indoor Rower is all you need.

The VR200 utilizes BODYCRAFT Eddy Current Technology for the broadest range of resistance in the category. The VR200 Air and Magnetic resistance rower shares many of the same features as its bigger brother the VR400 but boasts a smaller more compact size. This option is ideal for someone dealing with space constraints.

  • 6 levels of resistance
    • Level 1 is wind resistance only
    • Level 2-8 combine wind and Eddy Current Technology
  • Lightweight aluminum handlebar
  • Smooth, quiet performance
  • Easy fold-up design
  • Built-in transport wheels for compact storage
  • Wind resistance fan to keep you cool
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