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Optimizing Gym Comfort: Key Considerations for Air Conditioning Upgrades

At Premier Fitness, we understand the importance of creating optimal fitness environments, and air conditioning plays a crucial role. When contemplating air conditioning for gymnasiums, certain factors demand attention. Aligning with our commitment to comprehensive fitness solutions, we explore essential considerations for upgrading gymnasium air conditioning.

Challenges of Retrofits:

  • Retrofitting air conditioning into older gymnasiums poses challenges due to inadequate insulation and existing structural constraints.
  • Older buildings may lack proper plenum space, necessitating innovative solutions for HVAC equipment integration.

Quote from Joe DeBell, ME Engineers:

“It’s surprising to me how many schools were built without air conditioning back in the ’60s and ’70s… I’ve done a ton of schools where we retrofitted air conditioning into the school, which is a difficult endeavor just because of the existing walls and chases.”

Protection Against Impact:

Gymnasium air conditioning systems must be robust and tamper-resistant to withstand potential impacts from high-flying projectiles and mischievous individuals.
Protective measures include elevating equipment, installing barriers, securely mounting components, and implementing protective netting.

Joe DeBell emphasizes:

“Everything has to be protected, and then tamper resistant — you’re going to end up with troublesome high schoolers at times who want to beat the crap out of something, so you have to be careful with that.”

Zoning for Efficiency:

  • Zoning gymnasiums separately from the rest of the facility allows tailored temperature control, considering fluctuating usage patterns.
  • Unique internal loads during events require a dedicated zone for efficient temperature management.

Destratification Fans for Even Heating:

  • Gymnasiums often serve dual purposes, requiring efficient heating during winter.
  • Destratification fans, such as low-speed, large-blade fans (HVLS), ensure consistent air temperature throughout the space, preventing stratification.

Joe DeBell suggests:

“Fans can help in these big spaces… their whole purpose is just to stir the space up to make sure that the hot air isn’t stratifying high in the space and that the air temperature throughout that whole volume is staying consistent.”

Humidity Control:

  • Monitoring and controlling indoor humidity levels between 40-60% are crucial for creating a comfortable and healthy gym environment.
  • Proper humidity management is essential to protect wood floors and ensure optimal conditions for sports activities.

Joe DeBell notes:

“Flooring manufacturers typically have a required temperature range and relative humidity range that they want the space to stay within and to ensure that their flooring doesn’t warm, whether it’s expanding or contracting.”

Upgrading gymnasium air conditioning is a strategic investment in creating a comfortable and efficient fitness space. Premier Fitness offers comprehensive services, including preventative maintenance, repair, installations, equipment supply, and CAD design services, to support gyms in achieving their fitness environment goals. Connect with Premier Fitness now!

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