Wave Neuro Wins Restore Hyper Wellness 2023 Technology Award

Premier Fitness is delighted to spotlight Wave Neuroscience, the recipient of the Restore Hyper Wellness 2023 Technology Award. This recognition aligns seamlessly with our commitment to offering the latest in fitness and wellness solutions through our vision and mission.

Honoring Innovation in Brain Care

Restore Hyper Wellness, a rapidly growing health and wellness services provider, selected Wave Neuro as the winner of its 2023 Technology Award. This accolade celebrates Wave Neuro’s groundbreaking personalized approach to brain health.

A Gathering of Innovators

The announcement took place during Restore’s annual storeRe conference in Texas. The event brought together thought leaders, medical experts, studio owners, corporate partners, and health and wellness enthusiasts. This recognition signifies Wave Neuro as a leader with significant potential to enhance the well-being of Restore’s clients and studios.

The Power of Wave Neuro’s Technology

Wave Neuro’s innovative approach involves a ten-minute brainwave recording session. It identifies unique brainwave frequency patterns, which vary from person to person. These recordings are then analyzed using a cloud-based platform with a vast database of other recordings. The result is a digital brain image that provides invaluable insights and comparisons. If specific areas of the brain show underperformance, partners can use these findings to create personalized care strategies and monitor progress.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to Wave Neuro, two other notable nominees were selected for Restore’s 2023 Technology Award:

  • Canfield: Specializing in imaging and visualization solutions for aesthetic professionals.
  • Pnoe: Using a unique metabolic testing system combining breath analysis and AI-driven algorithms.

These finalists participated in the Restore Technology Battle Royale, where attendees experienced and evaluated each device before voting for the winner.

A Bright Future for Health and Performance

Wave Neuro’s victory in the Restore Technology Award reflects its potential to redefine personal health and performance limits. Steve Welch, Restore’s co-founder and interim CEO, expressed excitement about the technology’s possibilities.

Restoring Wellness, Expanding Reach

Restore Hyper Wellness is on a mission to bring wellness to all. With a focus on services such as IM shots, IV drips, cryotherapy, and more, they plan to open 500 locations by the end of 2024. In 2021, Restore secured $140 million in funding, emphasizing its commitment to growth and innovation.

At Premier Fitness, we celebrate innovations that enhance well-being. Whether it’s optimizing brain health or transforming fitness spaces, we’re here to support your wellness journey. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your fitness experience with our Premier Fitness Services.

Original article: https://athletechnews.com/restore-hyper-wellness-names-wave-neuro-as-2023-tech-award-winner/

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